We all feel sad from time to time, especially when confronting a loss or stressful event in life, but for someone with depression, life can be overwhelming and feel completely hopeless in any situation. If you or someone you know is experiencing an ongoing battle with depression, don't give up hope. Follow these tips to find the road to recovery and join the millions of others who have overcome depression. It can be done!

Join an online group that helps depression patients or sufferers share their stories. Support and human interaction can help you through your depression. If you have a local depression support group, then you can also join it and widen your circle of friends.

Get out of your comfort zone. You may find the house to be an all-too welcoming haven, or your routine tasks to be comforting. Your comfort zone, however, is also the place where your depression reigns, and you must try to escape it. You will struggle, no doubt, but with patience, you can rise out of your depression. Rising out of your comfort zone simply means that you should do things that you had never done before, such as engaging in sports, watching movies alone, or even eating in a restaurant you have never been to.

Be patient with yourself and talk with close friends and family members for emotional support. Depression can make it hard to get motivated, but stick with your treatment plan and have faith that things will get better. Depression is a very common and treatable condition and can be overcome.

Clean your house every day and repeat these words to yourself, 'I am taking away all the sad things of yesterday, and I am putting in happiness for today.' You may also try variations of the statement, but make the meaning clear: you are cleaning your house free from whatever is shackling you to your depression, so that you can let happiness and goodness enter. Cleaning your house is simply a representation of your resolution to be and do better.

Be convinced that you can rise out of your depression. Think positively! Medicine can only go so far, and will need a willing body to be able to work. If you believe that you can get out of your depression, and if you acknowledge that it is only a temporary state, then you will survive.

Be patient. You can think positively all you want, but you will find that every day is a struggle. Recognize that you need to take small steps to recover, and that if you recover too quickly, you may sink back into depression again. Great rewards take long to reap, but with patience, half the battle is already won. Depression is only a phase, and with the proper attitude and know-how, you can indeed recover and have a better life.

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