"Depression is Rage Turned Inward"

This expression best illustrates Depression in its most common form. For while you may feel tired and depressed, your energy is all but gone. What has happened, through time, is you have learned to redirect your energy poorly within the body. That is to say your liver meridian is out of balance. Subsequent issues may arise such as headache, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), cold hands and feet, mild or severe tension- especially in the chest and ribs and irritability. This is usually followed by periodic outbursts of anger or yelling. For women, this may occur particularly around menstruation, as cramps, irritability, breast distention and depression are more likely to occur. Once the cycle is over, however, the symptoms improve. The release provides an opening for energy to move.

The liver system plays an important role in governing the proper amount of blood and energy to the rest of your internal organs. Therefore, over time, a liver that governs poorly will effect all other organs. Most acutely however, is the depression that arises from this mismanaged energy flow.

According to Chinese medicine, the liver governs the emotion of anger. Improperly expressed or neglected angry feelings will lead to what we refer to as Liver Chi Stagnation (a very common phenomenon here in the US). This fundamental blockage arises for various reasons but in the case of depression it often arises due to mismanaged emotions. From an early age we often learn to suppress our anger which keeps those around us happier. This may have worked in the past but the ultimate price to pay in the long run is improper energy flow, deep within the body. It is a chronic condition that can literally tear at your insides.

Many people have overcome depression through acupuncture and Chinese medicine by addressing the liver system directly. The key is opening the flow along the liver channel, harmonizing the liver and putting one back into balance. Proper needling and herbal prescriptions help the patient release stagnant flow, alleviating depression and allowing blood and energy flow to properly nourish other parts of the body. Adjunct methods may be taken into consideration such as meditation, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Depression is not something you have to live with. Indeed most depression can be dealt with easier than you may believe. The good news is you have the energy and you have the will. What comes next is your choice to help it move. By releasing this trapped energy, you begin to transform stagnation into direction, transform anger into action, hopelessness into leadership.

If you have a story about depression, please write me. I'd like to hear from you.

Author's Bio: 

Ben Arnold holds a masters in science in Oriental Medicine. He is a fully Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of California. Using a blend of acupuncture and Chinese herbology, Ben practices holistically to bring you back to balance and out of pain.