There can be times when someone’s life will go how they want it to and times when it won’t. It could be said that this is simply part of life, and not something that can be changed.

However, although this is the case, it is going to be down to one to decide how they will respond when it doesn’t go how they want it to. It has been said that while one can’t control what happens to them, they can control how they respond.

It’s Clear

During this time, they might soon begin to think about what they need to do in order to move forward. It might not take very long for this to take place, or they might need to be patient.

This is something that can all depend on what it is that is not going as they would like it to go. Also, even though one might have overcome a number of challenges up until this point, it doesn’t mean that they will find it easy to overcome what is currently consuming their attention.

A Break

One could then take a step back from what is taking place and to go and do something else. They may find that if they were to go for a walk, they might soon begin to gain a new perspective.

This is likely to be due to the fact that they are creating the space for something new to enter their mind. Yet, when they are focused on what is not right about their life, it can stop them from being able to do this.

Outside The Box

It is then going to be as if they have stepped outside of their own mind, and this is likely to make their life a lot easier. On the other hand, if they were going over the same information over and over again, they are not going to get very far.

In the same way that updating a computer can allow it to do different things; receiving new information can have the same effect. It could then be said what is taking place in one’s mind is going to define how free they feel.


If one feel’s trapped on the inside, it won’t matter what is taking place on the outside. Therefore, what this shows is how important it is for one to do what they can do open their mind, and to take in new information.

When one is unable to do this, they could have a problem in their life but they could find that they are unable to do anything about it. This could be seen as something that they just have to put up with.

Two Sides

Now, if this relates to something minor, they may find that it doesn’t end up having much of an effect on their life. They might think about it now and then, but that could be as far as it goes.

At the same time, this could be something major, and this is then going to stop them from being able to overlook it. This one thing is then going to have a big effect on every area of their life.

For Example

What this could show is that one was in a relationships with someone who has just left them, or they might not even get this far. If they don’t get his far, it could mean that they are unable to attract soemone to be with.

Alternatively, one could find that they can’t earn enough money support themselves, and they might even have a family. Or, one could be studying for something and it could be too much for them to handle.


Based on what is taking place for them, one can then feel as though there is nothing they can do. From the outside, it can appear as though there is nothing wrong with their life, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

One can feel as though they are in a prison, and this is going to be a prison that they can get out of. Regardless of whether they feel as though they have control over other areas of their life, this is going to be seen as something that they have no control over.


What is going to have the biggest effect on them is then not going to be what is taking place; it is going to be how they feel about what is taking place. They are going to believe that they are completely powerless.

And although there is the chance that they haven’t tried to change what is taking place, there is the chance that they have. But even though they have looked for answers, it won’t have had much of an effect.

The Outcome

Through experiencing life in this way, it is not going to be much of a surprise if they end up feeling depressed. This could be something that comes over them from time to time, or it could take over their whole life.

If they were to look in the mirror, they could come to the conclusion that they are a shadow of their former self. And the longer this goes on, the harder it can be for them to get back on their feet.


It would be easy to say that one just needs to be positive and their life will soon change. This could work; another option would be for one to look for the part that is within them that won’t give up.

As well as this, it going to be vital for them to do everything they can to find the support and the information that they desperately need. They need to keep going, and if they can do this, there is always the chance that they will find what they need.

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