Around the world, many of us are staying indoors and maintaining social distancing to fight against the COVID19 outbreak. This also means that we will not be able to venture outside the house unnecessarily. Also, most dental clinics are closed for most treatments apart from emergencies. Therefore, many of us might be wondering what to do when you face a dental problem.
Common issues that you might face include:
Tooth pain:
If you experience mild to moderate tooth pain, it would be best to take an over the counter pain killer such as Paracetamol. If the pain does not subside, you might need anti-inflammatory medications such as Ibuprofen. However, it would be best to contact your dentist or doctor over phone to get a prescription especially if you have any underlying illness.

Gum infection/ pain:
sometimes, your gums might get inflamed in a particular area due to a local infection. The source of this infection could commonly be a tooth with a cavity or a foreign object impacted in that area. You can usually make out if a foreign object such as a food particle or fish bone is stuck in between the tooth as it will cause a pressure like ache in the area, especially on biting. In such cases, use your tooth brush or floss to clean thoroughly in between the teeth and use a mouthwash (or salt+ warm water) to rinse your mouth well.
This can be followed by or following the intake of a pain killer such as paracetamol, depending on the amount of pain and inflammation in that area. If the cause was an impacted foreign body, the pain will settle on it’s own in a few hours. For all other causes of pain, take a paracetamol and check if symptoms are improving. If the symptoms worsen or pain is severe despite the painkiller, contact your dentist for further advice.
Loose teeth:
If a tooth is mobile or on the verge of falling off, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE TOOTH AT HOME. The bleeding might never stop and it might cause other serious issues. Therefore, call your dentist immediately or visit a nearby hospital that can remove it immediately with all the necessary safety equipment in place.

Teething pain:
If your child is experiencing teething issues, best home remedy would be to apply gentle pressure over the baby’s gum pads using a clean, cold finger or chilled spoon. Teething toys might also bring some relief. Over the counter local anesthetic gels can be used if the above do not work. Call your dentist or doctor who will prescribe you a painkiller if the pain is severe and none of the home remedies are giving any relief.

Trauma to a tooth:
Accidental trauma to a tooth is very common in children and especially at this time when everyone is at home, the chances of a child obtaining an injury to the tooth might not be unexpected. For minor trauma leading to chipping of the tooth, one can just wash the mouth with water and leave the tooth as it is for the time being. Pain killers can be taken if necessary and the tooth can be treated at a later stage if the child is comfortable.
However, if a tooth has completely come off from it’s socket (avulsed), try to wash the tooth and replace the tooth in the socket while applying a constant pressure to hold it in place for a few mins. If not, place the tooth in saliva, or milk or saline and contact your doctor immediately as it can be treated as a ‘Dental Emergency’.

The above is just a guide to help you to have an idea on the possible home remedies in the event of a dental issue. Remember, if a tooth needs to be removed as an emergency, it will be done in a hospital set up with complete safety precautions and personal protective equipment (PPE).
However, it is best that you contact a dentists in chennai to get a personalised consultation and treatment advice!

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