Most dentists who own a dental clinic are skeptical regarding how the dental clinics will run following the lifting of the covid19 lockdown. Some of the effective ways to ensure a cushioned effect of the lockdown are
• Follow up on all patients who missed an appointment that was due during the lock-down period
• Any patient who had called or connected virtually for a consultation, query, or issue should be contacted. Those with persistent issues can come back to the clinic for treatment.
• Follow up all regular patients to inform that the clinic is open and that they can approach you in case of any issues.
• Engage in different marketing strategies online and offline to promote your clinic’s brand name.
• Offers and promotions on commonly sought after treatments such as braces or scaling.
• Tie-ups with third-party payment companies, insurance companies or similar strategies which will ease the payment stress of the patients
• Introducing new changes to the clinic such as a new and effective clinic management software that will not only make the daily running of the clinic easier but also helps to attract new patients.
• Encourage your existing patients to refer your clinic to others seeking a dentist
• Build a strong network with patients, dental labs, finance companies, IT companies, and fellow dentists to increase contacts, share knowledge and widen your business circle
• Organize events such as dental camps and dental health promotion camps in and around your locality
• Build trust with existing patients by offering them quality care and good follow up routines
• Be easily available and accessible to anyone who needs dental treatment
• Widen online presence to make sure that patients who search for a dentist in your locality or elsewhere can find your clinic easily.
• Reward patients for loyalty, sticking to appointments, referring others, etc.
• Make sure new patients feel comfortable in your clinic and all staff are trained to be courteous and skilled
• Be professional and slightly flexible to patient demands and timings
• Build a strong referral policy with companies around you for their employees
• Organize dental health promotion drives through online, direct and print media
• Business analytics to identify areas of revenue generation and statistics.

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