More than twenty-five years ago, we didn't take demons and evil spirits seriously and were skeptical of the idea of dark and demonic energy.

Today, having pierced the veil that separates the mundane world and the higher and lower planes long ago, we deal with entities of various levels, from higher-level guides to demons, on a regular basis.

Three definable stages exist relating to dealing with demons and evil spirits. First, you deny they exist. Next, you're shocked to find out there is more to reality than the mundane world, and many entities, including very malevolent ones, exist on those invisible planes. In the third stage you learn how to cope with the other side and how to protect yourself and manage evil spirits.

It seems the majority of people are in the first stage, like we once were. Isn't that only in Hollywood movies, the uninitiated ask? No, they aren't fictitious notions or hallucinations, and they certainly aren't fragments of imagination.

How do we know? Aside from being spiritually sensitive and perceiving such energies, after researching the subject and then formulating and conducting our own energy removal process (Spiritual Detox), we are convinced they are as real as the sun, stars, and planet Earth.

We realize it's not "scientific" to believe in other-dimensional spirits and demons, but we simply objectively report our findings. Fraud isn't scientific either, yet according to the late, great Michael Crichton, fraud in modern scientific research is quite common.

We completely understand if you reject the notion of demons and evil spirits. It takes a concerted effort to open your mind to the concept, and then cope with the reality of the possible threat. It sometimes takes tragedy or having exhausted every other possible explanation for troubles in your life to face the idea that the physical world is only part of your existence.

Entering the second stage can be scary because it suddenly lends credence to the idea of ghosts and demons. First thing you need to do is realize that it's almost impossible for them to hurt you physically, like in the Hollywood movie The Exorcist, though they can encourage destructive and negative behavior, especially if you aren't aware of their presence. Fortunately, you don't need to be afraid if you take the right steps to protect yourself.

We've witnessed many individuals who have escaped the trap of denying other-dimensional entities. They go from "once you die, that's it, there's nothing beyond the physical world," to "Through an open-mind, I've finally successfully dealt with this problem."

We list five problems relating to pests from the other side below.

1. One of the most common problems with demons influencing your life is that you will have a very strong, negative reaction to the information in this article. You will immediately be inclined to criticize and discredit it. You would be wise to ask yourself, is it you, or the dark energy with you?

2. Unexplained bouts of depression are extremely common with those who are carrying a toxic, unseen, dark energy load.

3. Those harboring troubled, disembodied souls and, or demons often struggle with drug or alcohol abuse, or other addictions. It may not be the cause of it, but our findings show it makes it much tougher to stay sober.

4. Extreme anger and other excessively trying emotions are a sign you may have entities with you and be wide open to more joining the party you don't realize you're hosting for invisible, dark spirits.

5. Are you hearing voices in your head, particularly those with negative messages? It could very well be sinister energetic forces, as spirits and guides of the Light only relay positive and uplifting messages to you.

Anyone can be targeted by lost souls or dark energy. Fortunately, there are several ways to cope with the other side and protect yourself from evil forces. We recommend regular meditation, even if it's only ten minutes a day, and the use of protection prayers and spiritual cleansing exercises.

Next time a friend asks, "What's gotten into you?" may be your cue that it's time to spiritual purify yourself.

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