Numerous of elders residing in institutionalized homes which means a social function work on the behaviour of individual obtained cognitive impairment called Alzheimer’s or dementia disease. The case of dementia professional specialist studies determined that 49% to 83% are suffering pain in nursing home. Why this existing in some nursing homes? Articulation of soreness is very tricky for those with cognitive impairment and for this patient with dementia maybe untreated and unintentionally sanctioned to suffer. Question is how institutionalized elders with dementia care by most of nursing home all over the world?

In institutionalized homes there should be methods of caring ill elders certainly at the early of stage or late stage of Alzheimer’s. Clinical and suitable help should be given through the help of nursing forces or caregivers in the management in anticipation of nurses to aid and distinguish what the necessary methods of assisting frail seniors. In a slight but accurate means of aid is the best way to ensure the occurrence rate of pain by the patients whatever it maybe.

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Nursing preparation can do a lot to eradicate the suffering of ill elders with dementia in those acquired excessive pain and unable to communicate their wants is significant. The objectives of institutionalized nursing homes is to preserve those admitted weak seniors acquired dementia disease to offer importance in a living institution with comfort and values, and stress free that they could live more than what they want in this world. With nurses provides loved and understanding in behalf of the family members.

Institutionalized elders with dementia care in nursing homes must observe the behaviour of their patients, action, thoughts, and beliefs because ill seniors are very expressive and responsive of what they perceive and feel in their surroundings.

As a results, majority of institutionalized elders with dementia living in a home with proper treatment can live happily even family members is only visiting them. However, most important is the facility, activities, relationship with nursing staff is likely available.

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