How to Cancel a Delta Airlines Flights [Points or Cash Ticket]

As life is unpredictable, we sometimes have to change our plans. At times, passengers have to cancel the reservations they made for flights. In this case, it even more important that which airline we make the bookings for. Talking about the delta airline, being one of the most prominent in this industry, passengers face no issues while cancelling the reservations.
Many airlines follow a tough and lengthy cancellation procedure. But it is exactly the opposite in the case of delta airlines. Not just the process, the individuals who make bookings with this airline can cancel their bookings without paying a single penny. The cancellation policy became more flexible after the outburst of coronavirus. As many flyers had to cancel their bookings due to this virus, so delta airlines made sure people can cancel their reservations without any hassle. If you want to know all about the cancellation policy of delta airlines after the coronavirus, here go you.

Cancellation Policies Due to COVID-19

After the coronavirus outbreak, delta airlines announced the change in the fees for tickets that the passengers bought before 17th April 2021 for travel between the dates 1st march 2020 to 30th April 2021. Also, an individual can rebook their tickets on any date till 22nd December 2022.

For the bookings made for the year 2021, no passenger has to pay any change fee and award redeposit fee. This rule is for flights originating from the Caribbean and North America. This does not apply for the economy class tickets after 30th April 2021.

Award ticket holders are eligible to make the cancellations or change them any time before departure. If an individual cancels the expired ticket which they purchased in the year 2021, one can use the value of that ticket to book another ticket. The flyer can make the bookings till 31st December 2022. Award ticket holders who were travelling within the U.S are eligible to cancel their tickets without paying any fee. On the contrary, for people having award tickets and were travelling outside the U.S., they can cancel their bookings within 72 hours.

This table represents all the important information regarding Delta’s Cancellation Policy for all types of tickets-
Time period Standard ticket Flex tickets Non-refundable (flights originating from North America) Non-refundable (flights not originating from North America)
Cancellations made After 24-hour risk-free cancellation period Not allowed Refundable Remaining value minus Cancellation fee starting from 0-500$.
Cancellation made within 24 hours of departure
Not allowed No fee
Remaining value minus Cancellation fee starting from 0-500$.
Cancelations made
During 24-hour risk-free period No fee No fee No fee No fee

Delta’s Change Policy: Flights Paid with Cash or Points
According to delta, airlines change policy, all the passengers have 24 hours from their time of booking to make any changes in their reservations. If an individual does so, they won’t have to pay any charges. To know more about the changed policy of delta airlines, refer to this table below-

Time period Standard ticket Flex tickets Non-refundable ticket
After 24-hour risk-free cancellation period Not allowed Zero fees plus fare difference Zero fees plus fare difference
During 24-hour risk-free cancellation period Zero fees plus fare difference Zero fees plus fare difference Zero fees plus fare difference
Within 24 hours of flight departure Not allowed Starting from $75 when available Starting from $75 when available

For the standard ticket, the flyer cannot make any changes in their itinerary after 24 hours. So, if you are looking to make modifications to your reservations make sure to do it all within this period.
For the flex tickets, an individual can make the changes 24 hours before the departure of their flight. One can do so without paying any fee but an individual needs to pay the price difference. In case, an individual makes the booking for a flight that is cheaper than their previous flight, then you will receive the refund for the extra amount to the original mode of payment.
For the award tickets, delta airlines do not charge any fee.

Same-day change at delta airlines-
There are times an individual has to make the changes in their reservations on the same day of making the bookings. Most of the flyers feel stressed about this situation, but one can make the changes in their bookings very easily. Another great thing, in this case, is that delta airlines do not charge any fee when an individual make bookings for first-class, Delta Comfort+, Delta Premium Select, Main Cabin for the flights taking off from North America. Delta airlines allow an individual to make the modifications or changes in their reservations but for the ticket, “basic economy fares”, one cannot make changes on the same day.
There are two options from which one can opt for the option they find perfect for themselves.
In this case, an individual can wait for a seat on an earlier flight than the original ticket. One can choose this when the same-day confirmed option is not present.
• Delta Airlines charges only when your request for a flight is accepted.
• The fee for Same-Day Standby starts from $75.
•Same-Day Standby remains complimentary for the individuals with Diamond, Platinum & Gold Medallion membership.

If the seat is available in the class for which you bought the ticket at first, then an individual can change their ticket for a seat on the new flight.
• Same-Day confirmed remains complimentary for the individuals with Diamond, Platinum & Gold Medallion membership.
• The amount of the same-day confirmed fee starts from $75.

How to Cancel a Delta Ticket?
There are some very easy steps one needs to follow to cancel the tickets-
• Visit the Official site of delta airlines and select the option of “my trips”. You can also log in to search for your bookings.
• Now enter your credit or debit card number or your ticket number with your full name to log in.
• Click on the flight you want to cancel.
• Select the option of cancel to make the cancellations.
• In this step, an individual might have to pay some of the cancellation charges.
•Lastly, confirm your cancellation. Soon after following all the steps, you will receive the mail for the same.

How to Use a Delta Flight Credit?
Most of the passengers does not know how to use the credit that they have in their account. It is very easy to use flight credit to make bookings.

To check if you have credits or not, log in by visiting use your sky miles number to log in. Then click “my delta” and open your credits mentioned in the option of “my wallet”.
To redeem your credit points, book the flight normally. When an individual will make the bookings and reach the step of making the payment, they will see the option of “redeem your credits”. Use your credits at this step. Also, it is important to make sure that one needs to use e credits within a year from the date you got it. An individual is eligible to use three credits per ticket and not more than that.

Final thoughts-
In the end, we can conclude that the entire process of cancellation isn’t as difficult and costly as people think it is. Most of the time people are scared as they don’t have enough knowledge about it. After going through all the information, one can understand how quickly and easily an individual can make the cancellations and re-book their tickets. No matter which ticket you have, an individual can cancel their bookings without having to pay a massive fee or charge.

• Does delta airline give refunds for the cancelled flights?
Delta airlines make sure no passenger faces any problem because of them. This is why this airline starts with the process of a refund if you make the cancellations within 24 hours of making the reservations.

• What happens when delta airline delays or cancels a flight?
In case the airline itself delays or cancels the flight, they will provide an alternative flight or give the passenger E credits, which an individual can use anytime in future. Sometimes an individual even gets a refund.

• Does delta airline inform about the cancellation of the flight?
Yes, delta airline has a system that sends notifications to all the passengers in case of delay or cancellations.

• Will I have to pay any amount for cancelling my bookings within 24 hours of reservations?
No passenger has to pay any amount when they cancel their bookings within 24 hours. If an individual cancels the bookings after 24 hours of making the bookings, then they are eligible to pay the cancellation charges.

• How can I check if my flight is cancelled or not?
One can find this out very easily. All you need to is visit the official site of delta airlines and enter your reference number and find out the status of your flight. Though delta airline sends the notification, but you can check about it yourself too.

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