In winter mornings, when most people prefer sleeping the weekend off wrapped in a blanket, sometimes all you need to warm yourself up is a warm meal. And Indian cuisine has a lot of warm meals to offer you from the spiciest to the sweetest, in veg and non-veg varieties. You can either enjoy these meals, snacks and desserts at the best Indian restaurant in New York or have them delivered to your home. In India, many people prepare some of these meals, snacks and desserts especially in winter to keep themselves warm while many of them are prepared throughout the year.

Indian Food To Keep You Warm During Winter


Nothing can warm your body up like a spicy warm meal and vindaloo is one of the spiciest on the list. This Goan dish takes inspiration from Portuguese cuisine. The meal can be prepared with chicken, lamb and prawn. The meat is marinated in vinegar, red chili and other hot spices which will have you sweating and shedding some layers of clothing soon enough.


Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is another spicy dish that should be on every spice lover’s wishlist this winter when searching for Indian food in NYC. This chicken dish gets its name from the menu of an army camp in south India where it was listed as the 65th item. The meat chunks are tossed with mustard seeds, spicy curry leaves and red chili which give it the legendary status among spicy meals.


Rogan Josh

This lamb dish comes from the state of Kashmir which is considered heaven on earth by many. This curry dish features in the traditional 36-course meal called wazwan. The lamb is marinated in traditional Kashmiri spices and slow-cooked until it turns tender. Tomato, fennel, ginger and onions are added for taste. This warm and spicy dish can help you keep the chill away.


Dal Tadka

If you just want some soup for dinner, order some dal tadka from Indian food delivery in NY. This soup is made with yellow lentils and is thicker and grainier than the soups served in the states and is a staple in Indian homes. It gets its famous yellow hue from turmeric. Ginger, cumin, garlic and green chilis are also usually added. It can be a wholesome meal with some naan to tandoori roti on the side.



If you want to avoid upsetting your stomach after all the spicy stuff you’ve had, don’t forget to order some kheer from the Indian food delivery in NY. This porridge is made by boiling some rice in milk and sugar, and is best served warm during winter mornings and evenings. Pistachios and almonds may be added to give the porridge some taste and nuttiness.

These are just some delicious warm meals, snacks and desserts that you can try at or order from the best Indian restaurant in New York. If you’re a vegan, ask the branch if they use milk products when cooking vegetarian meals. Also ask about other dietary restrictions you may follow like gluten-free wheat or halal meat.

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