People's attitudes are changing about what they put in their mouth. People are becoming more involved in the food that they and their families eat, especially fruit. Most people are familiar with the common fruit species such as pears, apples, oranges etc yet few have heard of fruit like the tropical Butia palm fruit, the creamy cherimoya or the tasty tamarillo.

We all know that fruit are an essential part of our diet but it can be difficult to be creative with the common fruit you are likely to find in your local super market.

Tropical species are a great way for you to up your fruit intake and a fun way to spice up your diet. Depending on your part of the world they may be easier to grow then what you first imagined. They also provide a variety of health benefits.

We grow many tropical species such as the one previously mentioned and many species of tropical palms from South America (some 30+ old) at our Auckland wedding venue down here in subtropical New Zealand. During winter we frequently see temperatures drop below 0°C (32°F) yet we are able to grow numerous tropical species. So don't be discouraged just yet! You may be able to grow tastier and more interesting fruit then you ever envisioned!

Butia is a genus of palms native to various South American countries like Brazil and Chile. Species like Butia Capitata can tolerate temperatures as low as -10°C (14°F) making them able to grow and thrive in many climates where you may not expect. They produce delicious, juicy red/orange grape sized fruit with a large seed in the middle. The fruit tastes deliciously tropical and tangy but can be quite fibrous. Many people make a jelly out of the fruit which are very plentiful when the plant fruits. An alcoholic beverage can also be made out of these incredibly versatile fruit. They are a great alternative to citrus as they are a great natural source of vitamin C.

The tamarillo (also called tree tomatoes) is an egg shaped bright red fruit with a yellow/orange pulp. It is an excellent fruit to grow as it is a great source for vitamin C and iron and is low in calories. Unfortunately it does not like frost so if you live in a region that is subjected to frost and want to grow this fruit be sure to thrown an old sheet over it on the cold nights to protect it from the harsh frost. Tamarillo's also do well in greenhouses.

The cherimoya is one of my favorite fruit. It is very difficult to describe what it tastes like. It has a texture close to a banana but more succulent. It is very sweet and makes a great healthy milkshake! These fruit are fairly large, around 15cm on average. They are also known as custard apples.

There are many other species of edible tropical fruit we grow such as guavas which are easy to grow and the kids (and birds) love them!

Adding some tropical fruit plants to your garden not only looks great but gives you a great source of healthy, delicious fruit!

Thank you for reading, hopefully we have inspired you to go plant some wonderful tropical plants and spice up your fruit intake.

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