Understanding Hypnosis

All mammals (including humans) have a mammalian brain. In this brain there is also the reptilian brain. The reptilian brain is located in the Brain Stem, or the upper part of the spine into the back of he head. It is ancient, even before eye development. This is where the Fight/Flight System of survival is located. Hypnosis is the confusing of F/F.

Hypnosis is commonly referred to as: The Grazing Zebra Syndrome.

Since all mammals have the same brain, let's see what happens on the Savanna in African when a lion is on the prowl, hungry and looking for a tasty zebra.

Our zebra right now, is very calm and content as he grazes; his eyes are directed to a lush green spot that his sense of smell picked up first. He calmly ambles over to this spot, when......Oh My!

It's THE LION! He can smell it! The herd is panicked and running from this savage! He is now using his eyes to spot danger, not looking for food. He is out of grazing mode. He too, is running for his life!

Let's stop right here and examine what is happening to our zebra: Remember, his fight/flight system is the same as ours. We both have mammalian brains, and react the same way.

There are two neurotransmitters involved in fight/flight. Let's start with "Flight." When the lion begins the chase, 'Adrenaline' is discharged into the bloodstream, putting our zebra in overdrive. His heart starts beating very fast; blood pressure begins to rise; his nostrils open wide and massive amounts of air is going into his lungs; his muscles are rigid to push him out of danger; The pupil of his eyes narrow to pinpoint danger! The closer the lion gets the more confused he becomes.

Good News! The lion caught another zebra. Ours survived.

At this point our zebra is in full hypnosis! If he were a human this is where I would begin to put new suggestion(s) into the subconscious to change behavior. The human safety mechanism (conscious mind) is out of play because there simply is no common sense in flight mode. The subconscious is wide open for a new behavior suggestion. No judgements from the conscious mind; no "what if's." His resistance to behavior change is zero.

Back to the Event:
Now that the lion seized another zebra, our zebra must get back to grazing. So, what happens here? The other neurotransmitter 'Acetyl Choline' is released. It is an electrical damper. It neutralizes the effects of Adrenaline; His heart rate begins to normalize; blood pressure goes down; nostrils and lungs become normal; muscles relax, and his eyes again start looking for food. He is back to grazing.

If our zebra was a human this is where I would begin to "count him up" getting him out of flight mode, and back to being his normal self. Before he gets up I will do several tests to make sure he is not in flight more. If he leaves the office still in flight more, new suggestions of the outside world could nullify all my effort and cause a dilemma is him life.

It is imperative that the hypnotherapist makes sure that the subconscious is sealed to new suggestions.

That's it. This is how hypnosis is accomplished. It is very powerful, and in the wrong therapists' chair can be a long term detriment to the client.

Get references, and check education. Do your homework and you will be rewarded with a new and better behavior, that will last a lifetime.

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Author's Bio: 

Del Duncan is a Hypnotherapist located in Los Angeles, CA. The author of "Divine Color Meditation System." Mr. Duncan got his Diploma from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the only recognized hypnosis college in America. Mr. Duncan is also a Professional Handwriting Analyst, with over 50 year experience, studying the European Method of Handwriting Analysis. Mr. Duncan lectures quite frequently, and has workshops teaching Handwriting Analysis. Is a member of Hypnosis Union #472; AFL-CIO. Fully insured.