If you are subject to certain health conditions, or if your work takes you into frequent peril (such as working in radioactive cleanup, dangerous police work, and so on), you may assume that it is impossible for you to enroll in a life insurance plan. However, just because you have a potentially life-threatening illness or an elevated chance of dying due to your line of work does not mean you cannot insure your life to provide compensation to your loved ones. Learn how to get life insurance.

High risk life insurance is the solution to your situation. It provides not only a powerful, effective method of hedging against an unfortunate event, but also gives you the same peace of mind offered to those who are considered a better gamble by Canadian insurance companies.

Having your expectations met is important when you are on a quest for this type of coverage, and be aware that there will be a trade-off. Insurance companies are willing to insure you, but you need to do something for them as well, which generally consists of paying a substantial premium.

High premium aside, high risk life insurance offers you the opportunity to take control of your future and ensure that your loved ones will be spared any financial hardships after your demise. This type of policy lets you prove to yourself that circumstances cannot overcome your will to protect your spouse, children, or other relations, and that, despite serious illness or hazardous professions, you are still ‘the master of your fate and the captain of your soul’. With high risk life insurance, you can be an effective provider for those who depend on you, regardless of your situation.

Professions and Sports that Require High Risk Life Insurance
Even if you are healthy, with the constitution and energy of an athlete, there are certain jobs that will prevent you from enrolling in standard life insurance plans. Some of these professions and sports include:

Pilots - Whether they fly commercial jets, cargo airplanes, or smaller aircrafts used for various purposes, pilots have a higher risk of death than the general population. The mere nature of being involved in a job whereby a single operating error can result in a fatal accident means that those who earn a living with a pilot's license need high risk life insurance.

Fire fighters and emergency workers - Those who regularly venture into perilous situations and are exposed to dangers such as being trapped in a collapsing building, smoke inhalation, accidental falls, and other potential health hazards may require this type of coverage.

Loggers - Individuals who make their living with chainsaw and skidder in the our vast forests typically require high risk policies, since they are not only working with dangerous equipment, but also facing the risk of being crushed under a falling tree.

Commercial fishermen - Because they can encounter violent storms and are constantly exposed to nature’s elements in order to earn a living, commercial fishermen most often do not qualify for standard life insurance.

Certain athletes – If you participate in scuba diving on a regular basis, or engage in sports which include a high risk of injury or death such as mountain-climbing or sky diving, you will likely need a high risk policy.

There are other dangerous professions and sports that do not appear on this list; therefore, if you are in doubt about whether your activities mark you as one of those who endanger their lives on a regular basis, contact a reputable insurance company and ask questions.

Serious Health Issues that Require High Risk Life Insurance
In Canada, diabetes, cancer, and heart problems mark you as a high risk in the view of most insurance firms. Cancer patients are placed in the high risk category, even if their illness has been successfully dealt with or the cancer is in remission, until at least a decade has passed without new signs of its presence. Although diabetics are quite capable of living into their eighties, the slightly elevated risk of mortality due to diabetic shock is enough for insurance companies to refuse them standard policy terms.

Buying high risk life insurance is a positive, constructive step toward taking care of your family, despite physical health conditions or a dangerous line of work.

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Ken Adams is an insurance advisor and webmaster for www.life-insurance-info.ca.