Since the primitive era, humankind has been traveling on foot, and with the evolution, we discovered the factual importance of protecting our feet. So, we invented footwear, and to keep them on, we came up with the idea of shoestrings.  
We have come to a long way, and shoelaces along with all the footwear have evolved.
Securing shoelaces before going out has become an involuntary ritual of our lives.
Along with their existential purpose, now their appearance matters a great deal as in our society, we are judged by how we present ourselves. Their appearance matters as much as the shoes you are wearing.
Therefore, selecting the lace which compliments your shoes is crucial in maintaining
your overall style.
You have plenty of options to choose from like round laces, Flat Lace (Flat Athletic Shoelaces, Flat Laces for Boots), and even modern neon laces.
To successfully choose which one goes with what type of footwear, you need proper guidance. Here we have compiled some useful information to help you in that area.

What shoe style goes with that type of lace?

You cannot just head out and buy the first pair of laces you notice. For every type of shoe, there are specific shoestrings associated.
For example, for casual trainers or causal shoes, flat shoelaces go well. While on the other hand, they mostly won’t be compatible with non-formal footwear.
For smarter shoes purchasing round laces is a good choice. Round laces also go perfect with sneakers or any athletic shoes.
You must consider the width and length of the laces as well. For example, putting up fat shoelaces on your compact sneakers won’t look good. Mostly, they won’t even fit.
For shoe style like dainty converse, round and thinner laces carry out a better look.

Common type of shoelaces you may find

The material used in the manufacturing of laces defines its quality, worth, and the type of shoes they will look better on.
You might have come across different types of shoelaces made from a variety of materials. But there are only three major types:

1 Leather shoelaces
2 Cotton shoelaces
3 Synthetic shoelaces

The most readily findable shoelaces are the ones made from cotton. They are the most common choice when it comes to choosing a lace. Cotton ones are relatively cheaper, and maybe that is the reason why people prefer them more.
They come in diverse styles, including round, flat, helix, and twisted kind.
Furthermore, if you are looking for something that goes well with your traditional kind of shoes, then leather shoelaces are the ideal choice.
They are a little expensive than other types but if you can afford it then don’t think about any other one. Leather ones are perfect for carrying out a classy look. They go well with formal or dressing shoes.
On the other hand, synthetic shoelaces have conquered the shoe industry evidently. As the name implies, they are made with synthetic material like plastics or polymers.
Because of the material used in their manufacturing is cheap, you can get them at a very reasonable price. That is why they are the best choice if you are low on budget.
However, putting them on with traditional or dressing shoes will probably not be a good idea. They look all right only with athletic shoes or fancy joggers.

Which type of lace is durable?

The durability of every type of lace depends entirely upon how much and where you use your shoes. You can’t put your foot in a puddle and expect the shoelaces not to be ruined. Cotton and leather bootstrings are not waterproof. Therefore, staying away from moisture will increase their lifespan.
On the other hand, Synthetic shoelaces have proved resistive against moisture.

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