Previously, we looked at needs, wants goals and priorities. A personal business coach or a personal development business coach also has to bring an aptitude to help the person being coached to better understand themselves internally. As a business coach in Houston, I believe the following are areas that most coaches, regardless of the category, life coach, self-improvement coach, business coach or some other coaching discipline, use to benefit their clients. Interestingly, regardless of the type of coach, they are all focused in some shape or form on self-improvement tips that can accelerate the process of your successful performance. This is critical because in the self-improvement business coaching model, all progress starts from within. The first place to better understand yourself is with intuition.

Intuition: This is the perception of truth, facts, information, or other input not based on any reasoning process. It is the ability to have insight into something based on our own inner knowledge and truth, and not on external stimulus. Intuition is that “little voice from within.” Here’s what’s interesting. The “little voice from within” very often counsels and supports our fears. When our fears are affirmed, rightly or wrongly, they will keep us from taking a path to self-improvement.

The key to intuition and the “little voice from within” is to understand what we are truly saying when we talk to ourselves. With self-improvement our intuition and what “the little voice from within” is saying to us will change over time as we gain in self-confidence and are on a more certain path.

Discern: This means to be able to perceive and distinguish between things, usually through intuition or other internal knowledge. It means to recognize contrasts such as good and bad, right and wrong, timely and untimely, truth and untruth, real and false. Discernment is your natural ability to see at times what can’t be seen as well as what you can see and to take a course of action.

To move your self-improvement to the next level be aware of your level of discernment. For example, if you feel that very often you don’t see things coming or are often surprised in ways that are not pleasant, this is a call to up your level of discernment. After all, only you can protect yourself from you.

Solutions: The answers and/or solutions to a particular problem, situation, challenge, or dilemma. For example, a common solution to miscommunication is to clarify what you hear the other person saying. “Just to make sure I understand. You said that we are going to meet next Wednesday, not next Tuesday?”

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Steve Scott is a personal business coach, author and speaker. He has observed that each individual's path to success and happiness is unique, yet, seldom will their ability to create path exceed their personal development goals.