Leadership is commonly used to refer to activities such as..

  • Directing people
  • Guiding / Conducting
  • Initiating activity

    Leadership is also used to refer to someone who is a

  • Leader in the field
  • Leading contender
  • Community / Business leader
  • How then can leadership be applied in so many different ways and moreover what constitutes a leader in all of these situations?

    The answer is contained in the most fundamental characteristic of leadership that is Personal Leadership. Personal Leadership can be viewed as the ability to lead yourself and others; it’s the ability to define what you want from life and how you intend to get it.

    The Essence of Personal Leadership means;

  • Taking action
  • Living each day to the fullest
  • Knowing what success looks like to you
  • Knowing what your goals are

    And most importantly knowing that you’re going to achieve those goals regardless of what other people say, think, or do.

    Personal Leadership also means ACCOUNTABILITY, it means that YOU

  • Will use the talents that are unique to you
  • Will develop them to reach your goals
  • Realize that you have the potential to achieve all that you desire
  • In addition Personal Leadership means that you have determined the course of your future; that you are the master of your life that you alone define what you want your future to be.

    When you have made these decisions, you possess and exhibit Personal Leadership.

  • Problems become challenges
  • Failure becomes a setbacks and more importantly a learning experiences
  • Each day of your life becomes exciting, challenging, and rewarding
  • Success becomes a way of living

    You possess the kind of self-confidence that insures the successful outcome of any goal you set for yourself.

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    My name is Dominick Borzomati. Since 1993 I have empowered and enlightened individuals and organizations to greatly improve their performance, expand their capabilities and enhance their ability to achieve worthwhile purposes. All of my clients achieve the outcomes they have set for themselves. I deliver RESULTS !


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