Astrology is the study of the nonphysical, fourth-dimensional energies emanating from the planets and how these energies stimulate corresponding centers within the subconscious minds of individuals. These planetary energies travel at velocities greater than the speed of light and therefore have no physical properties. They impact the mind and the emotions. The thinking, feeling, and acting stimulated by these energies bring about changes in the physical circumstances and in the experiences of the individual. There is much beauty and profound wisdom in classical scientific astrology -- beauty and wisdom based in the universal symbolism understood by the best minds throughout history.

A correctly calculated chart of the sky for the date, time and location of a person’s birth is the focal point of scientific astrology. This chart maps the life pattern of the person to whom it belongs and is calculated using precise astronomical data. In other words, the chart is scientifically based. The Birth Chart maps the natural tendencies and qualities with which an individual was born. It is a map of the effect of the previous experiences of the soul. It is not a map of unchangeable conditions, but of character, and the power to attract conditions.

The work of an astrologer consists largely in a careful appraisal of the possibilities open to the individual as revealed by a thorough study of the Birth Chart and current progressed aspects; and in offering advice and instructions that will enable the person to take the utmost advantage of such possibilities. Most events are not inevitable. Events are attracted due to the organization of certain thought-patterns in the subconscious mind. It lies within the power of every person to change these thought-patterns and to divert their energies into channels of their own choosing.

There is a best course of action and a best mental attitude under any condition that may arise. It is the function of the astrologer to discover these for the client, and to make them clear by pointing out the path of constructive endeavor which will bring the most favorable results.

It is not necessary to “believe” in astrology for it to work out in a person’s life. In fact, the people who ignore it completely are the ones most likely to unconsciously follow its intrinsic patterns.

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