The term "accelerated learning" is a very broad term encompassing diverse techniques, methodologies and approaches to teaching and to learning. Some methods which would generally be considered to fall under the title of accelerated learning would be: mind maps, Brain Gym or Edu-Kinesthetics, concert texts, reading to music, applied multiple intelligences theory, various memory techniques, the use of music to influence the emotional and mental state of learners, state setting in a broader sense, the use of songs to aid learning, pattern spotting, the implementation of chunking,Neuro-linguistic programming, the use of drama, suspension of disbelief and others.

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This definition is part of a series that covers the topic of Accelerated Learning. The Official Guide to Accelerated Learning is Peter Julian.

Like most experts in the field of Accelerated Learning, at a very young age Peter Julian became fascinated by the notion that learning could not only be easy & fun but also extremely fast.

Over the years Peter continued to formulate and apply the many lessons he learned to the fields of sports, aviation, music, personal performance, and behavioral medicine. For instance, he earned a Masters degree in psychoneuroimmunology in under 9 months while reading an amazing 349 books in preparation for his thesis.

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