Define Purpose

Here’s a great question to ask “How do I define my purpose in life?”

Here’s a definition of the word ‘define’ courtesy of
1. to explain or identify the nature or essential qualities of; describe: to define judicial functions.

If you want to learn how to define your life purpose you need to identify the essential qualities of a purpose filled life.

Do you know anyone who is living their purpose? What is their life like? What do they spend their time doing? Do they balance the different areas of their life well, i.e. work life, family life, etc…? Or do they focus on just one thing, like a workaholic?

I guarantee you that every person’s purpose is different but the essential qualities of a purpose filled life are always the same.

Those qualities are balance, fulfillment & talents.

A person who is living their purpose always lives a life of balance. They have a specific purpose and that purpose drives them but it never completely consumes them. You have 24 hours a day and probably sleep about 8 of those hours. So the 16 hours a day you’re awake what are you doing? A workaholic is probably working 10-12 hours a day which leaves about 4 hours a day for the other important aspects of his life, like his family & his health. A person who is living their purpose balances all aspects of their life.

Fulfillment is a result of doing the things you are passionate about, the things you believe truly matter. If you’re lacking fulfillment in your life it’s because you’re spending most of your time doing things that don’t line up with your passions. Passion is the fuel for your life. When you’re involved in something you’re passionate about it will wake you up in the morning faster than Starbucks!

Talents are an essential quality to purpose because this is where you are hard-wired to excel at. Talents are those things that others wish they could do like you but you think they’re crazy because it comes so easily for you. People that are living their purpose have found a role where they can utilize those talents on a regular basis.

If you can discover these things in your own life you can begin to define your life purpose.

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I have spent the last decade traveling the world and helping people from all different walks of life discover their life purpose. I have shared this message with nearly 100, 000 people.