Overweight people may be engrossed on fats and carbs, but according to nutritionists, the root is sweeter - it's sugar. Sugar is among the major causes of diabetes, hence the need to defeat diabetes naturally. The illness is found to be increasing at a ridiculous rate while views on treating it vary greatly from each other. More people are looking for ways on how to defeat diabetes naturally.

In the recent years, sugar consumption has grown largely. An average American is known to consume 63 lbs of sugar in a year. The problem is not consumption of sugar but is the tremendous amount of sugar consumed by a person. Most people don't even realize that in a can of soda, he's already consuming 13 tsp of sugar. And now, more people are looking to artificial sweeteners as a healthier option and as a way to naturally defeat diabetes.

Aspartame is a type of artificial sweetener that is made from 2 amino acids and is found to be 180 times sweeter than regular sugar or sucrose. If you are using this as sweetener in your food and drinks and you experience shooting pains, numbness in the legs, spasms, headaches, depression, dizziness, blurred vision, anxiety attacks and/or memory loss, you may be suffering with aspartame disease. This chemical is known to increase your hunger for carbohydrates and eventually will make you fat and definitely is not a good way to naturally defeat diabetes.

It produces a chemical known as formaldehyde that is stored in the fat cells, specifically in your thighs and hips, making it a bad method to defeat diabetes naturally. A lot of companies have become rich in selling this artificial sweetener despite the many clinical researches that linked aspartame to several neurological diseases.

A good way to defeat diabetes naturally is to find another solution to artificial sweeteners such as aspartame such as an herb called stevia. This herb comes from a South American shrub and is known to be sweeter than regular sugar 300 fold. This herb is a good way to beat diabetes naturally, is also called as honey leaf or yerba dulce. The herb, when used to treat diabetes naturally is very effective and is non-caloric. This means that it isn't absorbed in the digestive tract; therefore it won't make you fat. A person who wants to defeat diabetes naturally may find this herb very helpful since it is more than just a natural alternative to sugar, it also possesses medicinal properties. There has been some evidence that say that the herb is helpful in lowering blood pressure, can help prevent or reverse diabetes and also has anti-viral properties, making it the perfect way to defeat diabetes naturally.

People may wonder why this herb isn't known to a lot of people if it's true that it is a good way to defeat diabetes naturally. One theory behind this is that there could be some people who do not want to publicize the benefits of the herb.

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