Today’s blog is dedicated to Steve Jobs. I want to dedicate his life as an example that we all can follow. I listened to his speech on YouTube that he gave to a graduating class and it moved me to the point where I had to write about him. My condolences go out to his family and friends and hopefully this blog will interpret the belief system that he had within.

Steve Jobs believed in himself.
Despite having the odds against him, he believed in himself.
He believed in his vision. He believed that he could change the way we communicate.
He believed he could make a difference.
And he did.

This past week we said goodbye to Steve Jobs - the co-founder of Apple who revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and play. But life was never easy for him and the only reason Jobs succeeded is because he believed in himself.

He didn't let the naysayers stop him.
He didn't let the doubters hold him back.
He dropped out of school because he couldn't afford the tuition.
He collected used soda cans and returned them to collect the deposit money.
He walked 7 miles just so he could get a hot meal from a shelter.
But all along he believed in himself and his vision.

He never gave up.

When he slept on a cold hard floor with only a blanket he didn't give up.
Through all those years of struggle, Steve Jobs directed his mind, his subconscious mind, and his powers to follow his vision. That vision and belief was planted on his subconscious mind, success was sure to follow.

And did it ever.

When he passed away on Wednesday - Steve Jobs was a billionaire, surrounded by his
family. He built one of the most valuable companies in the world and he made a big difference.

You too can make a difference.
You too can be wealth and successful.
You may not think you can - but you can.
You just have to believe in yourself.
You just have to follow your vision.
You just have to believe that you can.

You have to dismiss the naysayers and the doubters who want to extinguish your burning desires.

Believe in yourself and believe in your ability.

They kicked Steve Jobs out of his own company.
But he didn't give up.
He worked his way back and turned it into the biggest and most influential company
in the world.

A rival computer company tried to wipe him out but he got smarter and stronger.
He never gave up.

And neither should you.
We won't have another Steve Jobs.
But one day there will be somebody who makes an impact.
Somebody who makes a difference.
Somebody who believes in themselves.
Somebody who believes in their vision.
Somebody who never gives up - no matter what the odds.
Somebody who empowers themselves and stretches themselves to be better.
That somebody could be you... when you believe in yourself.

Start believing in yourself today.
Create your vision and believe in your ability.
Plant that belief on your subconscious mind.
Keep working toward your goals.

Never give up no matter what others say - you can and will succeed when you believe.
Yes we will miss Steve Jobs and Apple will never be the same without him. He made a difference in the way we communicate the world over.

He made a difference. Now it's your turn - and you can.
When you believe...
Develop the mindset that Steve Jobs had.

Create the beliefs that drive you to succeed and bring in joy and happiness.
Plant those empowering beliefs on your mind and subconscious mind so you believe in yourself.

You are a powerful human being; now start directing your powers.
You only get one chance - this is it.
Make the most of it. Start living the life you want today.
Stretch yourself and create the relationships you deserve, starting with you.

I will leave you with a quote from Steve Jobs that everyone should live by.
Stay Hungry, Stay foolish.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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