Self Empowerment to be decisive to achieve success
First of all, judge yourself and conclude what type of person you are. Are you one who make up a decision fast or someone who think for a long while but still cannot make up his mind? If you are in the later category, you have to change in order to achieve success in your life. Successful people are decisive and most importantly act upon the decision, while those who fails procrastinate. I will cover some techniques on how the decision making process (The “SOLVE” formula) works.

State the problem you are facing clearly and precisely. Before we can state the problem, we must investigate and look into what the problem really is. There might be some times or cases that you find it difficult to determine or state, in this situation, we should assume the problem and try the solution. If the solution does not work, it means that the assumption of problem is incorrect and we must try until we get it. Just treat every failure as feedbacks and use it to improvise the next solution. After we have identify the problem, we MUST put it into words so that it can be clearly understood. For example, “The relationship went bad because i am a bad listener” and etc…

Outline your usual response by extracting and interpreting the information collected by the first step. By doing this step, it will separate and prioritize crucial issues, concerns and opportunities and also discarding irrelevant information. With these information on hand, you will have a better view of the true picture and this understanding will empower you to take required action to attend to the most essential issues.

List out the Alternatives and Consequences. Once you have prioritize and state the problem, brainstorm and list the possible solutions. Once you have the solution, you must always think of the probable results you will receive. If we can anticipate the possible consequence, we can prepare for it and will not be taken aback by surprise.

Vitalize the concept by selecting on one of the alternatives from the list and take action. Don’t worry if it does not work out fine because you still have other alternatives to try. Beside this, you must also formulate a plan of action which means developing a list of tasks in sequencing order. Finally, you will need to implement this plan with your most effort to see if it can produce the desired result.

Evaluate the success of your choice. When your trial has come to an end, you must gauge and rate the success level the solution has reached. Is it acceptable or not? If it does not, by all means, go and try out the alternatives. Do not panic that you did not get it the first round, it always happen. Just keep on trying and never give up.

Author's Bio: 

“Succeed does not come to you, you have to go to it” Using this philosophy, I decided to create this self help website to push myself to achieve self empowerment and also to motivate all of my friends out there who are reading and staying with me throughout this empowering journey.

More about me…
I am born in the island of Millionaires, guess where? It is Singapore, just a little tiny ret dot in the world but had achieved incredible results in a short 30 years with the highest percentage of millionaires here. Do you want to be a Millionaire? “Of course!” is the reply of most people but how many people can achieve it? You might be telling yourself that all these millionaires are either born with a silver spoon in their month with wealthy parents or just that they are very lucky to be successful. “How lucky they are? How I wish I have what they I have?”

I can tell you here, “You are wrong!” How do you define luck? For me, I will define luck as “LUCK = OPPORTUNITY + ACTION”. So I will always bear this in mind and getting prepared for the opportunity and take massive action when it arises. This will be the mindset of the millionaire.

For me, I might not be a millionaire now, but working progressively towards this goal. “Dream big and take baby steps” is my strategy. My ultimate goal is to achieve personal growth and financial growth. With this strong desire in mind, I am taking action every day to empower myself to change my mindset from a victim to winner one.

Remember this in mind, “You will never FAIL unless you QUIT”.

Do join me in this enriching journey and empower yourself to achieve anything you want in life.