What' Alive in You?

Let me start off with a short analogy about what an umpire does in baseball. He’s the guy that has to call a ball or a strike on the batter, who will possibly hit the ball.

Now the umpire makes a decision based on where the pitcher throws the ball and then calls them as he sees them.

STRIKE 1 – BALL 1- STRIKE - 2 - BALL- 2 and so forth until a batter hits the ball or strikes out.

Can the umpire please everybody because he misses some calls?

Impossible to please everyone.

The umpire cannot stand there and say …

“Well MAYBE it’s a ball or MAYBE it’s a strike ... I don’t really know”

If you caught this analogy “no pun intended” you would realize the batter will either hit the ball or strike out.

Even if he strikes out, he will still be in the game and come to bat again and tries and tries again for years and years.

The player never fails, he make a decision to better himself over and over again.

Decisions are meant to make us grow and attain another level of understanding and confidence, resulting in wisdom.

Maybe’s (not deciding) will frustrate you.

Sometimes you’ll have to make decisions that are right, even if you’re wrong.

That’s weird right?

Does this mean you failed? Of course not, it means you were faithful in trying and learning to better yourself the next time.

Your decisions will only advance you towards another venture, another plan, another goal, another relationship, another understanding that we all have challenges.


Go Out Faith-ing The Battle!

If you feel something is missing in your life, as I did for years because of alcohol and drug problems or feel incomplete, not quite satisfied yet ...

Is it possible, the missing link is something much bigger than you or me?

Something we cannot really explain with 100% assurance?

Here’s my suggestion, find some quiet time for “YOURSELF” watch spiritual programs, read great inspiring books, watch positive movies, ask for help, listen to soothing music and messages that will connect you with what you were meant to be.

Do whatever it takes to get YOU out of indecision "Now" and do the above for 3 months minimum.

Think about this, 3 months out of ... say 90 years living on earth. Is it worth the effort? I’m thinking more like 130 years of living time.

Quote by: Carlos Castaneda

Whether we make ourselves miserable OR We make ourselves strong, the amount of work to get there, is the same.

Give yourself the chance to fill yourself with love, peace, patience and connect with a Higher Power to fill the empty place in your heart.

It has been decades ago now and I have found that simply taking the time by doing the above suggestions while listening to my Mp3’s filling me with positive affirmations gave me life changing results.

Here's a Quote on "DECISIONS" by Napoleon Hill who wrote the book ...

"Think and Grow Rich"

Accurate analysis of over 25,000 men and women who had experienced failure disclosed the fact that DECISIONS was near the head of the list of 30 major causes of failure. Procrastination the opposite of decision is a common ENEMY which practically every person MUST CONQUER.

We need your talents and skills now to help others become all they can be.

I go in greater details in my Lifetime Coaching Program and I wrote an article titled ...

"A Must Read for Lifetime Coaching" you can go read the 1st Lifetime Coaching newsletter and what I will be discussing in future newsletters.

When people think of fear, they think they will Lose!

When actually if you think about it, you will Learn!!!

Decisions – Determine – Destiny

Roger N Quevillon M.Msc

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