Scentsy® provides many wonderful options for making a house smell like a home. The scented wax that fills Scentsy candles comes in many different fragrances, and it can be melted in many different warmers in order to make a house smell like a home.

Scentsy warmers come in three different sizes: a full-size warmer to fill a large room with fragrance; a mid-size warmer for a smaller room, and a plug-in warmer for bathrooms and other small rooms. All of these warmers use a light bulb in order to melt the fragrant wax so there is no fire hazard to worry about. Not only do Scentsy Products provide safety but they also come in a variety of styles to fit any décor.

So what type of scents can the user find? Scentsy® has many different fragrances to delight all types of people. Whether the buyer wants to bring a spa-like feel to a bathroom or bring the smell of fresh baked goodies to a kitchen, a Scentsy candle is the way to go. A house can be filled scents such as French Lavender, Mediterranean Spa, Sticky Cinnamon Roll, and Baked Apple Pie. Scentsy® even has fragrances that any man would love, such as Weathered Leather and Vanilla Suede. Each month Scentsy® introduces a different scent to keep the selection as fresh as their products.

Scentsy Products not only provide a house with smells of home but also a traveler with smells of luxury. Now buyers can enjoy fragrances away from home with Travel Tins for suitcases and Scent Circles for the car. These are nice ways to bring beautiful smells wherever a person may be. Also, a buyer can take fragrances with him or her in the form of beauty products.

Scentsy® has introduced a line of body washes and lotions called Layers™. These products allow a person to layer the scents on his or her body so the fragrance can last all day. And, let’s not forget the little ones in the family…they will love the Scentsy Buddy™. Each snuggly stuffed animal comes with a Scent Circle that sits inside a pouch. Mom and Dad can give the youngest member of the family the joys of Scentsy® with the added benefit of a stuffed friend of snuggle with. Visit the Scentsy website or talk to a Scentsy Consultant today to start you Scentsy® experience.

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There are so many reasons that make Scentsy candles the number one choice among home fragrances and once you experience our products for yourself, you will quickly see why! warmer.