Say what? Let me repeat that for you: “Deciding to be wealthy is the first step to becoming wealthy.” I want you to plant the seed of wealth in your mind, your heart, and your soul. Mental bars that keep you from moving forward in your life no longer bind you. You are now free to accept blessings that await you – if you are willing to make that choice for yourself and for your life.

“Yeah, that’s easy for you to say,” you say? No. I agree; it’s not a simple task to choose to be wealthy. That means you have to give up all the old burdens that you’ve been carrying upon your shoulders. Deciding on wealth means that you have to let go of all the negative behaviors you’ve practiced throughout the years. Choosing wealth means that you have to journey into unchartered territory…and that may be scary for some. That’s okay. If mankind didn’t dare to go to the moon over half a century ago, I imagine society wouldn’t have the wealth of information and resources about the existence of other solar systems, the planets, or the cosmos. Because a group of extraordinary people had the vision, the determination, and the goal to reach the moon, they did it. That, my friends, is how you have to think each and every waking moment of your life. Never take your eye off the ball, and you will achieve wealth through extraordinary means.

Remember I said that you have to decide to be wealthy in order to become wealthy? I bet that right now you’re still second-guessing yourself. You’re probably thinking that material wealth doesn’t just magically appear before your eyes. While it may not magically appear right before your eyes, wealth is manifested through a strategic plan of action — which leads me to this next point:

Since you now know that you must decide to be wealthy to become wealthy, you need to fine-tune your strategic plan of action to create and manifest the life you’ve always wanted. No more time to think about what went wrong; now is the time to think about what you can do to make things right…and transform your lifestyle into one that is healthy, wealthy, and filled with bliss. Your intuition knows that you are fully capable of achieving even seemingly impossible feats in your life; but are you listening to what your intuition is telling you? At this moment, your intuition is telling you to override all thoughts of negativity. It is telling you that you are destined for success if you so choose to act upon your positive thoughts and ideas. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from becoming wealthy. You are in control of your destiny and ultimately, the greatness that awaits you if you truly want it. What’s stopping you? Go ahead and decide to become wealthy at this very moment and begin manifesting success in every aspect of your life now.

Until we speak again,

I am,

Joan Marie

Intuition Girl

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