There are many types of pests that can create a problem for people. Some of these pests require specialized training in animal removal, and others can treat you yourself. However, it is important to be informed about what you are dealing with and what the options are.

If your problem is with pets on your property, you can legally catch these animals and turn them over to the local animal shelter. Human traps can be rented from the shelter in many cases, to catch wild animals. However, you must release the wild animals you accidentally catch in the trap, back to the same area.

Wild cats can be a problem in some areas. You can catch these cats and take them to the animal shelter, however, they will almost certainly be slaughtered there as they are not adoptable. In some places, the shelter will be neutered or neutered and vaccinated for free, if you are willing to re-release them on your property. Spayed and neutered females are less likely to fight, will not have kittens every few months, and may be less of a problem.

Wild animals can be more deceptive. In many places, it is not legal to remove wild animals from your property unless they meet certain requirements to be a nuisance. These requirements may not have the same definition of nuisance as you do, so look them up if you are considering it.

When it is legal to remove wild animals, the capture and removal process generally must be completed by a licensed pest control agent. Some types of animals can be relocated, but many will not survive the process and must be euthanized. Make sure your choice of pest control agent is state-licensed, and know and follow proper procedures for human euthanasia when necessary.

Sometimes there are local programs for specific types of animals. There are programs that will relocate snakes to the private property of a person who wants their assistance with the local rodent population in some areas, although for the same reason, you may want to conserve and even encourage non-poisonous snakes to live in his property.

Where removing animals is not a viable option, you can still do things to discourage pests from staying in your home. Things like keeping trash can lids closed and removing pet food after dark can do a lot to convince local raccoons that their property is boring. Dull fences will help keep deer away as they don't like to jump where they can't see. And coyote urine, available at local food stores, will help keep rabbits and rodents away.

For pet problems on your property, contact your local animal services department. They will have relevant information about what is legal to do and what your options may be. For wild animal issues, a licensed pest control agency may be the easiest place to get more information. County and state wildlife departments can also be helpful in some cases.

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There are many types of pests that can create a problem for people.