There are some people who believe just about everything that another person says. And then there are others who go to the other extreme, who question and doubt everything they hear. With other people having a balance between the two; so they don’t believe everything that comes out of other people’s mouths and they don’t doubt everything either.

In this case, one is going to listen to what they feel or sense is true in the interactions they have. Extremes will be less likely and each moment will be judged accordingly. This is not to say that one will never be deceived by another, what it does mean is that there will be less chance of this happening.


To believe just about everything that comes out of other people’s mouths means that one is going to be labelled as gullible. And to be this way is going to make one vulnerable to all kinds of things. These could be fairly minor occurrences or it could result in one being completely taken advantage of.

So one could lose their centre for short time and at the other end of the spectrum, they could lose their house. And as the world contains all types of people, there are going to be people out there who will try to get everything they can from another and this will be done in a way that leaves one feeling used and even abused.

These might be described as con artists or experts at manipulation. Once they have come to the conclusion that another person is easily influenced and open to believing things without doubt, they will be the perfect target. But it doesn’t even have to be this bad for someone, as the people they call their friends and even their family, could also take them for a ride.


To be taken for a fool over and over again is going to cause one to feel a lot of anger and resentment towards another and this might spread out towards people in general. This could cause one to see everyone in the same way and to wonder who can actually be trusted.

There could be the expectation that there is someone just around the corner who will either use them in some way or will at least try to. But while some people will notice that there is a pattern involved, some people may end up being caught up in each occurrence and not see the bigger picture.

It could be that they were brought up in an environment where there was very little deceit. And so they assume that everyone in the world is the same.

Hidden Agenda

The other option of seeing everyone as having a hidden agenda or acting from a place of malicious intent is not going to create a good experience on this earth. One could suffer from mild, to extreme paranoia and it will be difficult to trust anyone.

It will then be part of life to always be on the lookout and to have a heighted sense of awareness. This is going to take a lot of energy and make it hard for someone to be able to relax and to let go.


However, if one was brought up in an environment that was full of deceit for instance, they may have ended up believing that everyone is the same. So even when this is not the case, their mind is still perceiving reality in the same way.

Certain associations will be triggered and the ability to respond to the present moment then becomes impossible. Life is then being lived as a reaction and as a projection of the past.

The Ideal

So the ideal is for one to be able to be in the moment and to respond accordingly, as well as having a few ideas as to what the signs of deceit are. There is plenty of information out there when it comes to spotting people who lie or how to deal with manipulative people for instance.

And while one can consume lots of information and arm themselves to handle and even to avoid deceitful people, there is another ability that already exists and doesn’t need to be learnt. For some people this will be classed as a: gut instinct, a knowing or intuition.

This is not something that is only available for a certain type of person; it is something everyone has. But while everyone has it, it doesn’t mean that everyone is in touch with it.

The Body

When one is in touch with their body, they will be able to listen to this source of information and guidance. And this has nothing to do with the brain in one’s head; it is to do with one’s body.

The mind runs on ideas about life, where as the body is at one with life. So this means that one’s body is connected to others and there is no separation at this level. But the mind is not relating to reality in the same way; the mind is disconnected.


If one only listens to the words that are being spoken and the actions that are being made, then the mind is being engaged and everything could be taken at face value. For example, another person does something that is kind or generous and then the mind will come up with a number of associations as to what this means.

So if this doesn’t relate to a kind on generous act, it is clear that these associations are going to be positive and one is going to respond favourably to this person as a result.

The Real Agenda

The body on the other hand is not responding to associations like the mind, it is responding to what kind of resonance or energy this person is sending out. This means that their true intention is going to be picked up and this might not be picked up directly. It could be just a bad feeling or a sense that something is not right.

One’s mind may not understand what the reason is, but their body is telling them loud and clear. And this means that the body’s message could be dismissed and denied.


But while one could deny what their body is telling them, one might not even be aware of their body. They may have become cut off from their body and primarily live in their head. The reason for this is probably because it feels safer there, but while this is so, it sets them up to be deceived by others.

The body’s wisdom is not being utilized and this is a big loss and makes one far more vulnerable than they would be if they were in touch with their body. It then won’t be possible to tune into what is behind the words or the good actions.

And along with this disconnection from one’s body, is likely to be the disconnection from ones emotions. Emotions play a big part in allowing one to know if something is right or not.

There may have been a time in one’s life where they were taught to deny what was taking place within them. And this then set them up to depend on what was taking place externally.


Being able to listen to one’s body is vital when it comes to knowing what someone’s true intentions are. For some people, this may mean gradually bringing their awareness into their body and doing this until it becomes natural. This could mean getting involved with something like yoga or martial arts.

And for others it may mean that they have an emotional build up that needs to be looked at. Because until these trapped emotions are released from their body, they will continue to be pushed into their head.

If one finds that they have a pattern of: attracting or being attracted to people who are deceitful, then letting goes off their emotional build may put an end to this. The assistance of a therapist or a healer may be useful for this process.

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