The problem, with most of the world today, is that we are unable to cope with the advancements in technology that are happening so fast. Everything that seems impossible to our mind, we tend to believe it as false, and as a consequence, we believe the myths regarding that thing.

Here are the top 5 myths that people have spread about cosmetic dentistry, and we’ll show you how wrong they all are by supporting our argument with facts.

Myth no 1: Cosmetic dentistry is all about cosmetic:

True, it goes by that name, but you would be surprised to know that cosmetic dentistry actually improves your oral hygiene and, in most cases, actually makes your teeth stronger and less sensitive.

Dental veneers not only improve your smile but also protect your teeth in case the enamel becomes too thin to do its job.

Enamel erosion can cause the chipping or cracking of your teeth. It may even result in sensitivity to certain foods items or temperatures. In such a case, dental veneers protect the teeth and eliminate the pain that is caused by sensitivity.

Myth no 2: Cosmetic dentistry involves drastic changes and is expensive

Also, cosmetic dentistry doesn’t entirely change the way you look or smile. You can control what you want to fix, whether it’s just a tooth that is a little out of place, or too big or chipped or whether you want to change your smile entirely. The expenses obviously depend on the extent of change that you desire.

Myth no 3: Teeth whitening will damage your teeth

This myth is partially correct in the sense that if you use the whitening kits that you get from retail stores and use them too often, you’ll end up damaging the layer of enamel on your teeth. This may result in sensitive teeth and cause you issues like pain while eating or drinking certain food products or things that may be too hot or cold etc. However, shampooing your hair too often damages it as well does not mean you stop washing your hair with shampoo.

All you need to do is use the whitening kits that your dentist provides you. There are mainly two types. One is a gel that breaks down the stains on the teeth when exposed to a special light, and the second one is a tray that molds perfectly to your teeth. You can use it to apply the gel. The tray protects your gums from getting exposed to the gel.

Myth no 4: Cosmetic dentistry involves painful and expensive procedures

True, some of the procedures involve a bit of anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the process, but most of the procedures, including teeth whitening or bonding, etc. are simple, not at all time consuming, and totally painless.

Teeth whitening can even be performed at home with a simple kit that is provided by the dentist.

Myth no 5: Cosmetic Dentistry will make your smile look fake

Another pretty much believed about cosmetic dentistry is that it will make your smile look fake, which is totally not true. Cosmetic Dentistry will only fix what’s broken, damaged, or out of place. True changes like teeth whitening are noticeable but only in a positive way.

You get to choose what you want to change, fix, or improve, and if you would like to keep your natural way of smiling and only want a small, simple change, it’s entirely possible.

So what are you waiting for? Get the smile you desire.

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