Hair plays a vital role in the overall appearance of an individual. Nowadays, people face many hair related problems like hair loss, hair thinning and baldness. Such problems can lower one's self-esteem.

There are solutions like hair transplant, wigs, hair growth remedies. Hair transplant/ Hair replacement is a prevalent solution for hair loss these days. Hair replacement is a procedure where patches of scalps containing hair from donor sites are taken and grafted into the bald spots.

Hair replacement for men is more common than for females. There are a lot of myths about hair replacement. So, let us try to debunk a few of them.

7 Hair Replacement Myths Debunked

1. Hair replacement is a painful procedure

In the past, you could say that hair transplant was a painful procedure, but now with the advancement of the cosmetic industry, this procedure is painless than ever. In non-surgical hair replacement systems, you can simply attach the toupee, wig, etc. to the scalp with glue.

2. Hair replacement gives an unnatural look

It is not true that hair replacement gives an unnatural look if performed under a well-experienced hair stylist’s supervision. A right surgeon will position the graft correctly, which is essential in providing a natural look.

3. Hair replacement gives an immediate result

Hair replacement does not give immediate results. The transplanted hair falls off in 3 weeks, but the root remains intact. Proper and complete growth of hair takes place almost after 8-9 months of replacement therapy.

4. Hair replacement is a costly process

Yes, a hair transplant may seem a little high in terms of money, but it is affordable due to the advancement of technology and the cosmetic industry. Moreover, treatments like these are a one-time investment if properly authorized persons do them.

5. Hair replacement process is only for men

This myth is factually not valid. Granted, male pattern baldness mostly occurs in men, so hair replacement for men is more common. But that is just half the picture. Even women suffer from female pattern baldness and they too opt for the hair replacement process. Thus, it works effectively for both men and women.

6. Hair replacement affects the brain negatively

This myth is one of the most dangerous as well as a common one among people. It is untrue. The hair replacement process deals with skin and scalp. These are not situated around the connections to the brain. Therefore, the brain is not harmed in any way.

7. Hair replacement is not for older people

The hair replacement process is not age-restricted. Anyone suffering from baldness and willing to get the hair replaced can undergo this process. It doesn't cause more pain for older people and gives the same result as for younger people.


The most famous non-surgical forms of hair replacement solutions for people suffering from baldness include an array of toupees, wigs or hairpieces. It helps to cover your bald spots at an affordable and reasonable rate. You can check out Newtimes Hair for high-quality human hair wigs available for wholesale.

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