If you have just a couple of debts, or under $10,000 in total unsecured debt, then you could try to talk to your creditors directly to settle the accounts yourself. However, if you have over $10,000 in debt, especially if you have over $25,000 in total debt, or you just need the structure guidance of a knowledgeable professional, then you should seek out the assistance of a fully accredited debt settlement firm.

Debt settlement is by no means an exact science and it's difficult for an individual lacking experience to determine if a settlement is fair or not. In addition, you have to directly handle all creditors' calls and the harassment that come with the job. Many people are simply unable or uninterested in handling that kind of pressure, especially with the daily complexities of managing a job, household or family at the same time.

Hiring a professional debt settlement firm with a good reputation can no doubt save you more money, give you better advice and get you out of debt in a much less stressful manner, enabling you to move on with your life.

Always make sure you heavily screen who you are working with and especially make sure they are a fully audited and fully accredited organization by the major industry association TASC (The Associate of Settlement Companies). Remember an audited and fully accredited debt settlement firm means you are working with one of the best in the industry. Remember also that TASC is only for non-attorney based debt settlement firms...

Even better, considering working with a law firm under a licensed attorney. Having an attorney represent you offers an advantage in dealing with creditor calls or potential lawsuits beyond what a non-attorney based debt settlement firm can offer. Top debt settlement law firms often obtain better results, lower settlements and greater savings for their clients. Also, attorney's are governed by the BAR Association, unlike non-attorney based firms who are regulated by the FTC.

In 2009, the FTC began cracking down on the debt settlement industry due to the many unscrupulous, fly-by-night companies sprouting up in recent years who have taken advantage of consumers for quick profits. Pending FTC regulation is a threat to all non-attorney based firms, whereas law firms regulated by the BAR Association will not be affected by this future regulation. For this reason, you should strongly consider working with a legitimate debt settlement law firm to avoid future regulation affecting your financial future.

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