When a debt becomes clear, the debt is being sold to collectors. It's actually pretty common practice. It applies to everyone without distinction. And it is precisely this behavior that makes people fear, panic and apathy. Why? Collection agencies don't always act lawfully and humanely. The challenge is: by all means, no matter what, knock out the debtor's debt. And all of this to the last penny, and even in the shortest possible time. How to beat a debt collector in court? Is it legal what can you expect in such a case, and how do you deal with this situation? All of this up.

You should start with the legality of the operation. After all, if the bank is breaking the law, you'll be able to prove it, and then one more, and stay, as they say, in the black. That means you will be able to protect their rights. This is completely normal.

How to beat a debt collector in court?? About the legality of this action, if nothing is said. The only advice is to carefully read the terms of your loan agreement. Why? Because it's all the items written that only and can stimulate the borrower and the lender. So, please read the document before signing the aforementioned.

Often times you can see the debts to third parties here on the right side of the item. This is exactly what the existing laws refer to. Can the bank sell the debt collectors? If there is such a mention - easily. Also, this type of event is considered legitimate. If the specified item is not written in the contract, the transfer of debt to anyone is simply impossible.

However, not everything is as easy to obtain as it seems at first glance. The main advantage that institutions banking and credit operates - is that the transfer of debts to third parties does not need the consent of the borrower. That is news for you about this event may be a surprise.

How to beat a debt collector in court?? What to do? To begin with, don't panic. The mere mention of debt collection agencies often causes people to fall into apathy. To do this is not worth it. To begin, try to calm down and realize that things are not as dangerous as they seem. Despite the fact that the bank passed the "knock-out" blame on to someone else, you have the rights. And they can work.

What should I do if the debt is sold to collectors? The second point of action - a representation of the claims. It is important just in case this should be related to the banking organization. In other words, you can complain with the collectors.

Remember this behavior of many scandals. According to the debt collection agency - assistant is not banks, in Russia it is a real business that has its own unspoken rules of conduct. Often times a common complaint from the debtor can bring a lot of trouble. And all this is due to the fact that the work themselves collectors are not always legal. Besides, Russia is now more and more starting to prove the illegality of the company. So don't be afraid to make a complaint.

So always carries a video / photo camera and a dictation machine. Usually anything that can prove a violation of your rights. The main activity of knocking out debt collectors - is not just damage to someone else's property. Try to fix any such injuries and keep a supply of witnesses. You never know you have to. This thing will easy your task of How to beat a debt collector in court.

Collectors don't need to be afraid. In fact, if the right approach to solving the problem, you can still stay "in the black". That is, the duty not to pay and still collect some money with the bank / collection company. How exactly is that done? Appeal to the court!
The main thing here is the presence of signs that indicate a violation of your rights. Most often quite a few unselfish witnesses (e.g. neighbors), as well as established fact, damage your property. Printing and recording calls, threats from photos and so on - all of this can be fixed and presented to the court. This will help you how to beat a debt collector in court.

When such a scenario wins the more likely your case will be. And not only remove the debt (especially if the damage exceeds the amount of the debt several times), but also will force collectors, or the bank for damage - both material and moral. The main thing - is to prove the illegality of the actions of the new lender.

Another modern way is to appeal to the anticollection company. There is a small fee to help the new lender overcome it. That said, it will hold a consultation on further action will help to go to court. However, such a procedure is not yet so popular in Russia, but from year to year it is increasingly in demand. Contacting anticollection companies can protect you from the illegal actions of collectors, as well as most likely get rid of debt.

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