Dear Dr. Romance:
    I am from Iran .Right now I read "Age Differences in Dating"  your nice article about different ages in couples. I am in my 40s but nobody can guess my age, and because of my appearance I attract young boys, they think I am in my 30s.  I love an Iraqi man who is in his 20s.  We live in different country but once met each other and we were together for a week. I don't want to make you bored so I won't write more. My question is: I don't feel my age & he doesn't feel too the way of my life is so young. I don't know its normal I feel I am so young ? All my girl friends are so young and most of time they choose me as a friend. At the end if I made any mistakes please forgive me because I'm not so good in English. If you reply to me you will make me happy and I wont be upset if you don't reply because I understand you are so busy.

Dear Reader:
I don't think the age difference is as important in relationships as the problem of living in two different countries.  Being so separated makes it impossible to spend enough time together to get to know each other.

It's fine to like being with people who are younger than you are, as long as everyone is an adult. Try reading my article
"Aspects of Love"
at for more information. 
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