Dear Dr. Romance:
I read your article on the Age Differences in Dating and found it to absolutely be brilliant. I'm wondering though since I'm dating a younger woman, what tips you have on dealing with that. Thanks. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Dr. Romance Responds:

I have seen many relationships succeed with this kind of older man/younger woman scenario.  What counts is how well you two can form a  partnership or team that works.  These relationships can last --  it's not age that makes the difference, but how well the couple build trust, partnership and a life together.

Age difference is an adolescent worry: when you're a teenager, an age  difference of 10 or more years makes a vast difference in your experience  and your outlook on life.  Such a  difference can interfere with  communication, life goals, outlook, and relationship experience.  In addition, the social reaction to such a relationship is often very  negative.  If one partner is underage, a sexual relationship is even against the law.  But, as we get older, life experience and emotional  growth  even things out.  A ten-year or more difference in your ages makes  little difference in how well you can conduct your  relationship.   Don't  focus on an arbitrary numbers difference in your ages. If you are getting  along, you have good  communication and problem-solving, and you love each other, that's a precious thing, and far more important than any age  difference could be. If other people have a problem with it, let it be  their problem. To improve any relationship, read "Relating with Love"

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Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D. is a licensed psychotherapist in S. California since 1978 with over 30 years experience in counseling individuals and couples and author of 13 books in 17 languages, including It Ends With You: Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction; The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again; Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage, The Commuter Marriage, and her newest, Love Styles: How to Celebrate Your Differences. She writes the “Dr. Romance” blog, and the “Happiness Tips from Tina” email newsletter.