This is an open letter to the world.

We have for some weeks now been thinking about what to do next.
With a heavy heart we have made a decision, heavy because we daily receive mails from people who need our help and whom we have helped to a better life.
Therefore it was not an easy choice.
But we will always be connected in our hearts.

Beautiful friend, listen to what we are sharing here.

There is a paradigm shift happening NOW – and the earth is undergoing great changes. This can absolutely be noticed on the personal level too.
For the last months of 2010 we have decided to focus within and leave the PC world.
We feel that this is the best way for us to help ourselves, humanity and Mother Earth.

In the same way our family is working towards our personal portal of ascension, which is in the Andes.
We will use some months for this transformation
In this period Pearl Shanti will again be living on Light and surrender completely to prana yoga – this time it will be for good.
When she does this – she is not only changing the level of consciousness in herself – she is also changing the level of consciousness for those around her.
Many people on the earth are doing this – in order to be of service for humanity – and to increase the level of consciousness in mankind.
It is about GIVING. The best thing ever is to GIVE LOVE ! Pearl Shanti is now going deep within to give her LOVE to humanity in this process of change.

Healing mother Earth

Healing mother Earth

Our plan is to be back in the PC world early next year.

It is about focusing within – focusing on LOVE – and focusing on what we want to create in the world.
As Gandhi said:

” Be the change you want to see in the world “

Live as an example. Be LOVE !

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We are also contributors on,Canada – under Parenting – as well as experts on, the worlds biggest self development blog with more than 1.2 million visitors per month.

We will blog occasionally – and this will be shared on our Pages…

In order to live as an example we have chosen to live a holistic life style – to live in simplicity.
And in complete consciousness.

It is about being conscious in every aspect of life —in every choice…

20 years ago we withdrew from the ordinary 3 D world – and gave up cars, TV, newspapers and material needs…

10 months ago we entered the PC world – we felt we had a message to the world.

We were received with open arms – and have met so many warm,wise and loving friends and beautiful souls…
It is very touching to see how BIG the Lightworker Family really is – we are all ONE !
This is the world we are now creating together.

Together we ARE the CHANGE – YOU are the one you have been waiting for.

Our heart core is the children in the world.
They are wise souls who are the wayshowers for the adults who have lost their way.
They show us what LIFE is …they are LOVE !!!
Humanity has forgotten both Life and LOVE.
Open your heartdoor wide – because noone can escape this enveloping LOVE which will touch everyone in this time of awakening.
We are the Children of the Universe.
The difference is that we have grown up – we have to grow down to become the child again.
Then we are creating the new world.

Beautiful friend, please know that we will be back and that we always will be the Family of LOVE-ONE…

We are humbly sharing this with you and most of all to tell you how much we LOVE you…

Thank you so much for being in our lives !!!

Always with LOVE
Pearl Shanti and Andiran

Author's Bio: 

Author's Bio

Pearl Shanti and Andiran are the Founders of the fan page Conscious Parenting on Facebook.
They are regular contributors on , Canada - with more than 100.000 members.
Moreover they write articles for several alternative magazines in Norway.
They live a holistic life style on their organic farm in the mountains, with home school for their children.
The children are their passion - and their vision is to improve the conditions for the children in the world.

Pearl Shanti and Andiran are healers, writers,metaphysicians and teach yoga,meditation and give lectures on self growth. They are Rebirthers,Reiki Grand Masters and facilitators for The Melchizedek Method.

" We LOVE to help people improve their lives - and to help families to live in harmony, LOVE and health.

The best thing ever is to help others to the life they dream about.
The children are the greatest treasures on earth - and it is our purpose to help parents become more conscious and support their children to bring forth their highest potential.

Life is a joy - and not a struggle...

Our experiences in our own life have shown us that conscious parenting works. We are here to serve in a truthful and humble way."
--Pearl Shanti and Andiran

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