Depression is a terrible thing. It robs you of your life by turning your mind into a literal torture chamber while your body may be perfectly fine. Some people, in trying to deal with this terrible illness, turn to drugs. But the drugs have terrible side effects which in some way are worse than the depression itself. For those who are tired of these side effects, there are things you can do and take that will help battle this disease without the adverse effects of medication. Please check with your doctor before doing any of these things.

One thing you can do is to take vitamins. Doctors have determined that many cases of depression are caused by imbalances of certain chemicals in the brain. Nutritionists feel that many of these imbalances can be treated by taking vitamins, primarily vitamins in the B vitamin group. B vitamins like B six and B twelve, along with niacin, are supposed to be very good in "calming" the nervous system. While this has not been proven medically as a sure treatment for depression, nutritionists and doctors of alternative medicines do claim that these and other vitamins do help.

Counseling. Seeking the help of a counselor or a psychiatrist comes as the most ideal way to overcoming depression. A counselor, knowledgeable in the field of psychology and providing inspiration, will ask you a series of delving questions. Answer them with all honesty, so the professional can isolate the causes of your depression. When the causes have been identified, you will be given advice on how you can conquer the emotion. It usually comes in the form of a routine, which you should follow. If your case doesn't improve after a few sessions, you might be given anti-depressants to help you cope with extreme depression.

Reinforce Positivity. The opposite of negativity is taking each situation with positive reinforcement. So naturally, if you delve into the positive aspect of every event, you can overcome depression. Remember, there is always more than one side for every situation. And not all of them are negative. You will learn to appreciate life more, once you make it a habit to choose to positive side of things.

Another thing you can do in order to battle depression is to make a schedule for yourself of things to do. One of the biggest problems facing people who suffer from depression is that they have little desire to do anything. This is where you must methodically force yourself to do things. By making a schedule for yourself, what you do is keep yourself busy. One of the worst things for depression is to have an idle mind. By having things to do, you keep your mind active and on other things besides your depression. The more occupied you are, the less time you have to think about your problems. If you don't have a lot you enjoy doing, find things. Find a new hobby. Take a part time job. Clean the house if you have to. Certainly, there are things you can be doing besides sitting around and thinking how bad you feel.

Have an Outlet. Depression, like any emotion, diminishes once you are able to release it. Look into your passions for possible outlets for harmful emotion. If you are adept at writing, you can write journal entries about how you currently feel. When you have recovered much your rationality, supply a solution to what you just wrote. You can apply the same strategy for any other endeavor. Don't forget to bear an open mind, so this tactic will be successful.

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