Notice any overheating symptoms in your car, lately? 

If so, then experienced auto technicians serving across Sydney state- it could be a sign of a blocked radiator.

Leaving it unchecked, will hamper the cooling components of the vehicle’s cooling system and cause it to deteriorate further. And, that in time, this will deter the engine’s reliability and functionality.

So, What Causes Your Car Radiator To Clog?

A clogged radiator is generally caused due to the old radiator fluid or a cooling system that hasn’t been serviced and flushed regularly. The fluid which sits for longer periods without the engine in use invites sediments and rust that blocks the radiator pipes and fins.

Its Common Symptoms Include:-

  • When It Gets Over-heated:- 

When you find your radiator clogged, it leads to overheating your car’s engine. The blocked radiator tube is not able to circulate the coolant properly within the engine block and then back to the radiator main.

Moreover, the heat cannot get out of the hot radiator fluid, mainly due to the clogged radiator tubes.

  • Visible Leaks Forming On the Coolant: -

Over time the radiator’s cooler fin can form corrosion due to the contaminated radiator fluid. This leading to visible leaks forming on the coolant and that eventually gets worse, with time.

  • Blown Head Gasket & Cracked Cylinder Head:-

If your vehicle radiator is clogged, overheating and leaks aren’t the only issues that you will have to worry about. It can cause other serious damages such as a blown head gasket, or a cracked cylinder head which can turn into a costly repair.

You will also notice a lot of white smoke coming out from the exhaust, rapid overheating, more use of coolant and excessive running of the engine. All these are clear signs that your radiator is clogged and in need of immediate repairs.

  • A Malfunctioned Water Pump: -

If you notice your car radiator is clogged, then it could indicate the engine coolant is cold and contaminated. It also means that its anti-corrosive properties are gone, and it needs to be lubricated again.

Left unchecked; they can cause heavy damage to the engine’s water pump, and that could lead to an inadequate flow of the engine’s coolant.

However, Is A Clogged Radiator The Root Of Our Vehicle Overheating?

In words of a notable expert offering vehicle inspections in Sydney:-

“It is not always due to a clogged radiator. At times, it can also happen due to the radiator fan not operating or the coolant level being lower than acceptable. The vehicle’s electric fan/ AC system fails, particularly when it is used more than usual. And with the fan not working, it can be very difficult to remove the waste engine heat.

Another reason is the radiator cap, which should ensure that no leaks happen. A ruined one can cause excessive heating.”

Final Words:-

Use these symptoms when inspecting your vehicle’s radiator. It could be what’s making engine overheat and noisy.

And if you are in the market for a used car and are suspicious of a clogged radiator, then request experts specialising in car inspections in Sydney to perform a thorough check-up and to provide you with a legible and accurate report.

Author's Bio: 

The author a notable expert offering vehicle inspections in Sydney at cost-effective rates. Other than having knowledge of all types of car inspections done in Sydney, the author shares a bit of that knowledge with readers so that they can make more informed decisions on the how and what of purchasing a new/old vehicle.