Sleep disorders are a widely spread problem amongst many of today's ambitious business people and young driven enthusiast. Being a diagnose mostly related to anxiety and stress as prime factors for its appearance, sleep disorders are what we call today a sickness of the open-minded. According to some specialists, it is nature's way to tell us we need to go easier on life. Undertaking too many assignments and pushing ourselves harder might be a one-way ticket to success in the business world, but it the realm of dreams, it is the first step towards developing a sleep problem. But how can we avoid encountering а health issue without putting too much of our business engagement on the map?

Apnea and insomnia are amongst the many sleep disorders humankind has ever encountered. And in their own way, they may be the mildest ones, as well. There are thousands unidentified sleeping disabilities which are no better than a simple nightmare, yet, for their uncanny nature, sleep problems are highly difficult to be recognised. Their strange occurrence and unnatural effect have often been underestimated for being a normal turnout of a stressful day. Yet, more and more specialist started recognising sleep issues as separate diagnoses in the past few decades. Still, their undeniable bound with worry and tension make clarifying their true nature extremely hard for scientists.

According to researches on the Narcolepsy, it is a genetic deformation which causes this particular disorder, but many are still unsure. Narcolepsy is a condition in which the patient can fall asleep up to 30 or 40 times-a-day getting into REM ( rapid eye movement ) almost immediately while normal patients need about 90 minutes to get in this stage of sleep. So, if this condition proves to be a game of genes, what's left for other diagnoses such as sleep-related eating disorders or paralysis? Are they triggered by events or emotions or are they part of who you are?

In some parts of the world, tribes and cultures believe sleep disorders are a way for God to speak to us or take us on a mission. Sleepwalking, for example causes people to drive hundreds kilometres across highways while being fully asleep. Sleep hallucinations speak to us in vivid colours, clashing sounds and clear speech. Or could insomnia be a sign we need to take control of our life to fully shaken-away the need to stay awake all the time? Tribal culture completely rules out sleep problems from the list of disorders by giving an explanation to each one of them. Yet, modern science ignores Eastern beliefs and protects an entirely contrasting opinion. Relying on a years of data analysis, doctors stay on the other side of the coast claiming sleep disorders are just another gene malfunction. But if this assumption turns out to be right, there would be no easy way for us to fight it. We would be left waiting for the next episode to start. And how can we tell a 5-year-old his night terror series are most probably going to continue in adulthood?

Sleep disorders are no white-black situation. Being a natural effect of a stressful event or maybe even a gene malfunction, there seem to be no solution for them. Yet, reality proves different. Thousands upon thousands report improvement in their sleep with just a little shift in their day-to-day lifestyle. Avoiding night shifts and putting an end to a stressing job can lead to big progress in fighting with your sleep health problems. Even hiring a cleaning lady and getting the burden of housekeeping work off your shoulders can help you overcome your sleep issues by replacing stress with happiness.

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Ariella Polter is curious discoverer who studies the endless realms of spirituality.
When she is not buried in psychology studies, she works as a marketing specialist in Paul's Cleaning Sydney