Fear of rejection is one of the leading factors for developing avoidant behavior that is so common to people with social anxiety. When we get rejected, we usually get upset and in some circumstances even depressed.

A series of rejections can lead to extreme fear of rejection, and that in turn makes social anxiety even more intense. So, if you suffer from social anxiety, you need to overcome your fear of rejection before you can overcome your anxiety.

This can be done by changing your perception of rejection. If you believe that rejection is bad and only bad, then you will always feel bad after rejection. Eventually, you will start avoiding situations that could potentially lead to rejection. This normally leads to developing avoidant behavior and over time, social phobia.

Therefore, you need to change your point of view. You need to start looking at rejection from different perspective. You need to start seeing rejection as something neutral or even positive. But, how can you develop a positive outlook on rejection? The answer is simple, but it takes some time to master it.

You need to start believing that rejection is just feedback. It’s a feedback that gives you information that you can use to learn from.

Getting rejected doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. It’s much more likely, that you just didn’t approach things the right way, or even that it just wasn’t the right time. Often we get rejected just because it isn’t the right time or the one who rejected us has his or her own problems in mind.

And you need to understand, that you can’t change other people’s behavior and you aren’t responsible for their behavior. If they reject you, it’s their problem. It’s their loss. You know you’re a great person and there are plenty of other opportunities out there waiting for you.

Just remember that it’s your decision to feel bad or to feel good when being rejected. You are the creator of your happiness.

If you don’t believe that there are people who can support you, you need to visit a social anxiety support group. There you can find people who are there to help you and accept you.

If you would like to know more about rejection and how to deal with rejection, you should watch the video that I have published on my site. It gives you even more insights on this topic. Make sure to check it out. I’m sure it can be of great help to you.

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Andrej Sosic is an author of Social Anxiety Survivor system that has already helped many people overcome social anxiety. You can find out more about the Social Anxiety System here http://www.socialanxietysurvivor.com