Dealing with Infertility: Coping With Infertility When Everyone Else Is Pregnant (How to Deal With Infertility in Marriage)

Infertility problem is a common thing for many - affecting one in seven of U.S couples. When you are making all efforts to get pregnant, some of your efforts to contemplate for kids may not work well. The good news for your consolation is you have some simple and scientific methods you can try to conceive sooner than ever. You can enhance fertility chances naturally with least effort. Here are 5 tips to get pregnant fast. Know well and execute soon!

Excessive body weight with Body Mass Index exceeding 24 can increase the probability for acquiring health problems like polycystic ovary syndrome interrupting your menstrual cycle. Consequently your plan to get pregnant faster naturally may get diluted. So, aiming for your BMI level to fall in between 18-24 can work out for good results in conceiving sooner as planned.

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Smoking is bad for your health as your lungs and heart are damaged with cancer buds. The toxins in the cancer buds can effect interruption to regular ovulation. However, quitting smoking can increase the opportunity to minimize the risk for early or irregular menopause. That way, you can preserve fertility chances and get faster pregnancy.

As chemicals in various home products can disrupt fertility, keeping off toys with flame retardants, plastics, and fabrics may be considered for execution. Some chemicals are potent to affect thyroid function and weaken sexual hormone secretion. Keeping hands clean free from dust and residual toxins can also be boosting the condition of hygienic house for better perspective of earlier pregnancy.

Taking full fat dairy products like non-skimmed whole milk, cheese, and ice cream can help you get pregnancy soon. Any fat soluble compound in dairy food may hike the odds of conceiving fast. Hurry up to taste a bowl of fatty food! Consuming lentils and leafy greens like spinach containing folic acid is good for enhancing child-bearing chances.

You know well that conceiving with all hopes requires a regular monthly cycle. But do you know that weekly sexual intimacy regulates your monthly cycle? It's also true that the decline of estrogen is delayed when you are getting older. Research studies have proven that increased estrogen strengthens the bone density. The richness of estrogen is also associated to lowering bad cholesterol and improving good cholesterol as well as milder menopause. You may try your odds by getting busy and monitoring your reproductive potential. As infections can promote infertility chances with pelvic inflammation and scarring of fallopian tubes, having safe sex is also emphasized to get conceived.

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All the women want to get pregnant and become mother of a baby. Giving birth of a baby is a very natural thing in the world but there are some unlucky women that cannot get pregnant naturally. If a women is not able to get pregnant naturally is called as infertile. Infertility is defined as "a woman is not able to get pregnant after one year of regular, unprotected and well-timed sex". There are 5 most important reasons behind infertility. Reasons behind infertility are listed below:-

• Ovulation period- up to 50% women get infertile just because of ovulation period. It is said that the bigger problem in ovulation period is caused by hormonal imbalance.

• Age of men and women- the second reason of infertility is age of male and female. The fertility of men and women decreases day by day as they grow older.

• Anatomical problem- anatomical problems are blocked fallopian tubes, cervical mucus problem, endometriosis, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. These are also the very important reason of infertility of men and women.

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• Factors of life style- lifestyle factor are such as overweight and under weight, smoking and alcohol use, tubal pregnancy, miscarriages, stillbirth, cervical cancer and infection in the pelvic region.

• Use of contraceptive pills and birth control methods- many women try to avoid pregnancy for the long time. They use all the birth control methods to avoid pregnancy. Using of contraceptive pills and birth control methods for a long time may not hamper your pregnancy but it creates the bigger problems in conceiving.

So, above written all the factors are responsible for the cause of infertility in men and women. There are some other reasons also which causes the infertility in both men and women. Some of these causes lie with the male partner, while others can be traced to the women. It is said that if a man and woman is infertile they can never conceive their own child. But now, you do not need to worry at all.

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I often hear from women who believe that they have just ovulated and who worry that it's not too late to have intercourse in an attempt to conceive. Often, they are feeling some cramping and they assume this means ovulation has arrived. Or, they've actually used an ovulation predictor and have gotten a positive result. However they have determined that ovulation has taken place, they are most concerned about whether they can still become pregnant or if they will have to wait until the next month since their fertility window has passed. I will discuss this more in the following article and will also talk about how this time frame might affect your baby's gender.

So, If You've Ovulated, Can You Still Become Pregnant Or Conceive?: First of all, I often tell people who have this question to make absolutely certain that they are right about their suspicions. Sometimes, cramping doesn't always mean ovulation. It could mean that it's approaching and it could mean something else entirely. Sometimes, when I tell people this, they tell me that they aren't going to bother to test because it's mid day and they can't use early morning urine. This doesn't mean you can't test. You can use a saliva predictor, which I often find to be more accurate anyway. But, let's say you've used both ovulation prediction methods and you know that your egg has already been released.

This doesn't mean that you are too late in your fertility window to become pregnant. Sure, you have lost some available days, but it's said that your egg can survive for as many as 2 days after it's released. And a man's sperm has an even longer shelf life, sometimes surviving for as much as 3 days or 72 hours. So, there is still hours or even sometimes days following ovulation where you can conceive or become pregnant. There is no reason to just give up and wait a month if you suspect that you have ovulated. Of course, if you have a preference as to your baby's gender, then this might come into play, which I'll discuss now.

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Am I More Likely To Have A Girl Or A Boy Baby If I Conceive After Ovulation?: Your baby's gender is influenced by many factors including timing, the mother's acidity and PH and the sexual positions that are used. But, I often tell couples who are trying for a boy baby that it's actually a good idea to wait until ovulation before attempting to conceive or get pregnant. The reason for this is that the boy producing or Y sperm are not nearly as long lived as the girl producing sperm.

So, they can't really afford to wait for your egg without being compromised. By waiting until after you've ovulated to have intercourse, you're ensuring that they are strong and new through your timing. Sometimes this is deliberate and sometimes you sort of luck into this situation. But, timing is not the only issue to worry about. If you really want a boy, then it's advisable to make sure your PH is alkaline rather than acidic because this is another advantage to the boy producing sperm and every little bit counts.

But, what if you want a girl baby and you have already ovulated? Well, you can wait until the next month, and you can try again when you are sure that you are acidic and have about 3 or so days before the next time you ovulate. Of course, some people don't have a preference as to their baby's gender. In this case, it's my opinion and experience that it's not too late to get pregnant after ovulation.

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I am asked this question on a very regular basis. People really want to believe that they have some control over whether they have a boy or a girl but some doubt if this is actually true. There is no doubt that there are methods that allow you a great deal of control over your baby's sex. Some are more reliable than others, but I will discuss a few of them in the following article.

Controlling Your Baby's Sex Or Gender By Artificial Means: There is no doubt that you can go to a clinic and have a doctor or specialist help you with this process. The most commonly used procedure for this is called PGD or preimplantation genetic diagnosis. With this method, the clinic determines the gender of the embryos before they are inserted. The clinic will only insert embryos of the desired sex. So, if you're wanting a boy, then only those will be inserted and therefore only those will have the chance to ultimately become viable and result in a baby.

This procedure is said to have an extremely high success rate. If there is a downside to it, it's often said to be cost since it can run into the thousands of dollars. And, if the implantation does not result in a successful pregnancy and birth, the procedure has to be repeated, if that is what you chose to do.

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Controlling Your Baby's Gender By Non Artificial Means At Home: So we're gone over the clinical way that people control their baby's sex. Now, let's look at non clinical alternatives. Many people don't have the money for a clinic so they try various strategies at home. Since you can't determine what gender you are dealing with before hand, the success rate likely isn't going to be quite as high. But the idea is the same. You are trying to ensure that the sex or gender you are wanting has the greatest chance of making it to and ultimately fertilizing the egg.

You do this by using what you know about the differences in the sperm chromosomes. So, for example, if you want a boy baby, what becomes important to you is knowing that the Y sperm chromosomes produce boys. You might also want to know that these chromosomes do not live for all that long and are compromised when faced with acid. What does this mean for you? It means that you'd want to make yourself more alkaline and you'd want to conceive late.

Likewise, if you want a girl baby, it's important to know that the girl sperm chromosomes are X's. They live for longer periods of time and they actually thrive in acid. So if you're wanting a daughter, you'd want to ensure acidity and you'd want to conceive early. Sexual positions come into play also. And, you can create an acidic or alkaline environment through your diet and through douching.

The bottom line is that it's entirely possible to try to control the gender of the baby that you ultimately conceive. Clinical methods have a high success rate but are expensive. Non clinical methods can be very inexpensive and many people feel they are certainly worth a try.

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