People have their share of amazing attributes. Whether it’s acts of kindness, bravery, courage, altruism, or selfless love, these qualities can make others believe in the goodness of humanity.

Self-doubt is a difficult thing to handle, not just because of its cynical nature, but also because fear of the unknown is something that we all suffer from. Self-doubt not only hurts our confidence, but it also robs us of opportunities that we might have otherwise taken if we were only a little braver.

So, how do you cope with doubt?


The first step in dealing with any problem is identifying it. While it’s true that we can’t always be completely sure about everything, we need to analyze what keeps us from believing in our ability to perform a task. By being honest with ourselves, we can identify what it is we might lack, and how we can go about fixing the issue.

Change What You Can

While this is easier said than done, accepting this mentality goes a long way in changing your overall attitude. In the same way that a positive mindset can determine success, it can also help a person learn to deal with self-doubt.

While it may not seem like it at first, there are many things that a person can change about themselves. Physical attributes like muscle mass, posture, hair style, and clothing, as well as other attributes like wealth, career, attitude, and education are all things that most people are capable of controlling. Consequently, they are also things that can make a person feel more confident and courageous.

Accept What You Can’t Change

There are plenty of elements in life that are constant and beyond our control. Self-doubt often stems from our inability to influence the outcome of a certain scenario. Focusing on the things we cannot change only serves to strengthen our doubts. In fact, many people tend to underestimate themselves while overestimating the problems they face.

Learning to accept a situation that’s beyond your control will allow you to be more comfortable in your decisions and more confident in making changes to your life. We all have doubts, and whether those doubts hinder you can is entirely up to your outlook.

Have A Bit Of Faith

There’s a good reason why so many people pray to a higher power. This is their way of entrusting themselves to something beyond their understanding. While we cannot fully comprehend divinity, we can indeed comprehend the power of faith. The belief that you are being watched over can get you through many problems.

Change what you can, embrace what you can’t. Self-doubt is not a hindrance, but more of a pathway to success. It’s completely natural to fear failure, but never forget that preparation is one of the best ways to quell doubt. Instead of focusing on whether or not you can achieve a certain goal, try to prepare for an outcome that maximizes your chances of success.

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Lora Y