Could it be that all of our problems stem from not listening to God? If prayer is talking to God and intuition is God talking to us, maybe we need to listen more. When I was in the midst of my crazy life with alcoholics from my father to my husbands, I felt abandoned by God because I prayed and didn’t get my answers. Now I realize I just wasn’t listening.

I had my ideas about how things should be but God had a different plan. I became empowered when I finally gave up being a victim but that power morphed into codependent behavior by trying to control everyone and everything in my life. When I became exhausted from controlling everything in my universe, I had to surrender because I could do no more. Then I finally heard God.

Life became magical when I began listening to God. I realized I heard him through the books I was reading, comments from friends, movies and all the great things that showed up in my life (even if they didn’t look so good at the time.) I learned God really did have my best interest at heart when I trusted.

Intuition is as natural as a bird flying south for the winter or a salmon swimming upstream to spawn. It is the way God talks to us. The problem is, because we have free will, we have a choice not to listen.

I’m sure you were taught that your logical mind is more important than your gut feelings. Intuition has even been demeaned by calling it “women’s intuition.” But we need to look at it as just an add-on to our other senses for creating a wonderful life.

When we listen to what God is saying by tuning in, he sends us little messages through our thoughts, feelings, other people and circumstances to guide us on our journey. When you get into this flow, you are Divinely connected. Little synchronicities show up. These are not coincidences, so acknowledge them.

When I’m in this flow I call it a “Good Hair Day.” You know those days when your hair looks good, everything goes well. All the lights are green and everyone in your life is pleasant and behaving. You've experienced these synchronicities, right?

When a crisis shows up like your alcoholic losing his job or getting a DUI you stay in the flow and say, “Wow, I can hardly wait to see what good come out of this disaster.”
Life doesn’t have to be such a struggle. It actually takes more energy to fight this flow and control everyone and everything than to go with it.

So how do you get in the flow?

1)Set the intention that you will become aware of your intuition

2) Welcome the little intuitive hits as they come

3)Expect it and follow the guidance

The more you use it – the better it works. I use my intuition on everything from figuring out how to handle a confrontation, to what to wear to what appliance to buy. Life becomes so much more fun……..what do you have to lose? Try it.

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Mary DeYon is a well-respected author, speaker, radio host and mentor to women who are in a relationship with an alcoholic or addict and are ready to regain their power and take back control of their lives.

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