Since hair falls out for a variety of reasons, the hair clinics in Mumbai have a large number of solutions to fit each case. Most people lose hair due to hereditary causes that is to say their parents have baldness and this is passed on to them also. Then, there are those that lose hair due to medical conditions like infections and diseases. But, in most cases, proper care and nutrition will make the hair grow again.

Many kinds of hair transplant possible

To those who are skeptical, the hair clinics in Mumbai give a challenge. They are giving a 20-year guarantee for their hair transplant. How is that? If you are up to it, take up this challenge and have your hair transplant in Delhi. If you lose your hair, you will get your money back. In most cases, the people pay in installments so this amount will be negligible. You need to make a deposit first to begin the hair transplant surgery.

Selecting the date and clinic

To begin, you must select the best clinic in town. This you can do by searching online for the best hair surgeon. The top surgeon will be the inventor of the FUSE method of hair transplant. Go to his clinic and you will be assured of a top-quality hair transplant. Once you are there, fix a date by finding out when you have leave from work.

Inform your boss about your planned hair transplant surgery and set aside the time for doing the hair transplant. You might be able to get medical leave for this from your office. In many instances, this surgery will be covered by your health insurance. In case it is not, you will have to foot the bill.

Procedure for the hair transplant

The method of doing the hair transplant in Delhi is simple. The hair surgeon will remove the hair grafts from the places where it grows well. The cost of each graft is $3 - $10. He will place these grafts in the bald regions and so you will get good hair growth. The reason why this process is costly is that you will need 4000 hair grafts if you are completely bald. This will cost about $12,000 - $40,000 which is quite a hefty sum.

For mild baldness, the cost will be in the range of $4,500 - $15,000. You will need to attend at least two sittings if you have more than average baldness. For a slightly bald head, you will need only one sitting.

Payment procedure needed

You will need a credit card to make the payment. They will ask for a deposit to begin the treatment. Once this is done, you will need to go home and come back after 2-3 months for a follow-up treatment. The payments are done monthly until the entire sum is paid off.

The best time to begin the hair transplant procedure is now. The longer you wait, the more days you spend looking old. Once you decide to go ahead with the hair transplant, fix the date with the clinic and begin your surgery right away.

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