What do you think about stress? Surely , you’ve heard some of the most popular opinions from friends and the media, but where do you stand on the subject ? Do you think stress is normal or casual, or is it a rather extraordinary phenomenon for you ? Do you think that stress should be dealt with as soon as possible, or do you consider it something that will be fine if left alone for enough time? Knowing where you stand on stress can either save you a lot of trouble or cause you the said trouble.

Fewer and fewer people nowadays realize what the underlying problem with stress is. It’s natural for a person to get stressed, especially considering the conditions under which we live nowadays, but think of all the things stress can cause you if left untreated. It is scientifically proven that some physiological conditions are set in motion by stress. Indeed, diseases such as the stomach ulcer and diabetes would probably not manifest themselves if not started by an extreme load of stress. These conditions are usually hereditary, which means they’re inherited from your parents and grandparents through your genes and DNA, but it is also a fact that you wouldn’t start feeling any symptoms unless you trigger the disease by getting too stressed.

And we haven’t even mentioned mental illnesses yet. The trouble with mental illnesses is that pills and medication don’t always solve the problem. Stress (or effektive stress behandling) can make you suffer from a myriad of mental conditions – from panic attacks, to various other disorders which could be treated by pills to some extent , but largely depend on your views and mindset. If you’re not set out to deal with these issues, you may be stuck with them until the end of your life , and that’s not a very shining prospect.

Speaking of treating stress, it would be good to mention some of the ways that could be done. It is already clear to every reader that the best possible way is to avoid stress. It should also be clear that this , even though it is the most effective approach, isn’t always practical or possible. How, for example, would you treat stress in the workplace ? Almost every workplace has its own defined hierarchy, and going against it could possibly mean losing your job at a certain moment. That would cause you more stress than you initially wanted to get rid of.

That’s why psychologists and therapists from around the world suggest that stress should be relieved rather than avoided. That could be accomplished through teaching yourself some mental techniques or getting a therapist to teach them to you. Not all of the techniques are easy to learn , and they also vary in their efficiency from person to person, but you’ll realize that the most basic ones don’t actually require anything special from your mind. You just need to know some useful practices that will make it easy for you to handle stress better.

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My name is Sawas Dee. I live in Denmark, and I am of Asian origin. I like to read about psychology and share my findings and am a very good freelance writer. Feel free to send me a message