We live in a culture where we become addict to conversational approval approach. The continuous exercise of giving approval so we can feel approved. For example; we say something and then immediately the listener add some comment too. This occurs almost instantly and without pauses.

We are responsible to live aware of our thoughts and actions; however, we spend more time on auto-pilot rather than awareness. We keep growing in a competitive environment demonstrating each day who's the best. I will actually give you some examples of what I just told you. We have got use to the noises of the world and we have fed and poisoned our state of mind resulting in unconsciousness. We actually show this in our communication in different ways through our personality and communication skills. Let's go to the examples, shall we?

The "Knows it all": You are an expert completing other people's statements and phrases just before they finish them themselves. Doesn't matter what it is: a question, a doubt, an opinion or a simple sharing. This kind of person just interrupts whatever the communication is and put some cherries on the top with their signature... Cute! We seem not to be aware of the consequences of not letting people share spontaneously. By doing this we unconsciously invalidate and impose trying to control the moment sending a message that we know it all. Even when was not our intension in the first place.

The Robot: You listen and your head moves like those moving head toys. Adding, of course, the "umhum" expression while you move your head up and down on a continuous "yes" like approving everything the speaker says. We, culturally speaking, do this automatically. Have you noticed it? By doing this, we give a reason to be accepted and look good before everyone else. This conduct is very easy to read and usually comes along with lack of self confidence. By agreeing in a conversation that we don't even like, we locked up ourselves on a inner prison just for control and looking good. That drains you and takes all your inner power away!

The Astronaut: This is the one who speaks looking to everything else: the moon, the roof, the sky... but never make eye contact while he/she is talking. Sometimes it seems like is talking to someone else but you. However, when he or she listens, keep absolute eye contact! Interesting, right?

The Hero: Doesn't matter you say, these people have done it. Doesn't matter if you have travel the world, known many important history personalities, visited great landscape... this person have been there already! They are experts in putting all the light over them and steal all kind of attention. Oh! Also make some recommendations of what may be your next adventure so you know how wonderful their lives are because, in fact, they have been there!

These are only four of many ways that we conduct ourselves in a conversation. Can you relate yourself with any of those or know someone who does? Maybe you do. There is however, a common ground between all these. And this is excessive mental activity. Too much noise in our heads that we hardly may connect and truly listen. These noises are continuous thoughts created for ourselves or imprinted by someone else in our minds. Imagine trying to put some rational thinking in order to understand every why of our lives. It is so draining! We actually live keeping all the energy in our heads misplacing our heart and our spirituality. Then we develop a sense of detachment with our inner voice. With that immaterial intelligence that reflect our wisdom. Right there start the confusion that creates lethal distraction that cost our happiness and self realization. A real high price to pay, don't you think?

If there is something I have learn in my life, is that not everything is rational. Explanations are so relative that brings us back to the starting point with nothing more than a question. And sometimes the question holds the very answer. We just need to listen and surrender to the possibility that there is a bigger purpose for us to have rational minds. We also have free will and inspiration that we just can't explain where comes from... but is there! And it's connected with a higher source that express wonders through us when we let it be.

So, What if I told you that the unspoken words have by far more powerful impact than the words are in fact spoken? We keep filling spaces that do not need to be filled with anything but our presence. Do you know what I mean?... Presence! Meaning life, consciousness, present moment, creation, responsibility and love as transforming energy.

We are so busy trying that we forget to achieve the life that is worth to live. So... What you say if go for an inside journey to find balance and retake your place. Surround yourself with love and good company without have to fight in life. Just flow and take assertive action to achieve your happiness by expressing your life purpose. That's empowering! Go! You deserve it!

Author's Bio: 

Saritza Zambrana is founder of Fine Edge Coaching, a company devoted to teaching high caliber leaders to reach up their mastery manifestation in their life. And how create a highly successful and meaningful personal and professional life attracting and evoking spiritual community in their leadership practice. Creator of high-impact master leadership programs in Puerto Rico. Certified Coach, transformational trainer, Yoga teacher and latin magazine collaborator. To experience Saritza's coaching and find out more about her programs access: http://www.fineedgecoaching.com