It is hard to believe that it’s November already and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This is a special time of year that transcends cultures and religions – A time when we all give thanks.

So what is it that makes it so stressful and hectic during this special holiday weekend? Planning, coordinating and grocery shopping are part of the reason. Hosting guests for that Thanksgiving meal is another reason. Or maybe you are traveling to a friend’s or relatives that put you a bit on edge. What every the cause, it seems that stress often accompanies the holiday season. The good news is there are some simple things you can do right at home to reduce the stress levels and create a more peaceful holiday experience. So let me tell you how you can De-Stress Your Holiday with Feng Shui.

To create a happy and harmonious holiday experience, concentrate your efforts on three areas in your home: The Family sector, Helpful Friends sector and the Relationship sector (descriptions of how to locate these sectors are located at the end of the article). In Feng Shui, there are 9-sectors in our home which correspond to different aspects of our lives. And by making the appropriate adjustments to these sectors, a person can bring positive energy or “chi” to energize their goals for the holiday season! There are many suggestions I offer clients in my home consultations and classes but for this article, we will focus on the three most popular recommendations.

1. De-cluttering each of these sectors. If you have household items laying around in these areas, put them in their proper place. Things laying represent clutter and clutter holds onto negative energy. Eliminating clutter opens up the energy channels and allows positive energy flow into the sectors of your living space corresponding to the people and events associated with the holidays! If that is too esoteric for you, think of it another way. How does it feel after you do spring cleaning? This ritual produces a great sense of accomplishment and your space looks much nicer. The same principle applies to de-cluttering your important sectors in Feng Shui!

2. Fill Your Home with Light. This is the time of year when it gets dark earlier and earlier each day. Adding additional floor lamps in your Family, Relationship and Helpful Friends sectors is a nice adjustment to bring more positive energy into your living space. You can also accomplish this with decorative candles. And if you are looking for creative touch, hang a crystal sun catcher or crystal prism in your window. Crystals act as energy magnets – During the day they will refract light into dancing rainbows into rooms and in the evening, they retain your nice energy.

3. Decorate in Pairs. Getting along during the holidays really reduces stress. To support this goal, consider decorating in pair because pairing objects is strong symbolism in Feng Shui and a great way to create positive intentions. If you are hosting holiday parties this season, then bring a pair of vases into your “Relationship” sector or your “Helpful Friends.” Vases used in the “Relationship” sector are best when they are red or orange in color. These are “fire” colors and a great compliment to the “Relationship Sector.” And for the “Helpful Friends” sector, use vases that are gold or silver colors as these are “metallic” colors which compliment this sector.

As you make these adjustments, consider your frame of mind. Find a nice moment for these recommendations, a time when you are not hurried or stressed. Contemplate nice thoughts and good feelings during your efforts. Again, you are decorating with a purpose – The purpose to have a happiness, harmonious and stress free holiday season! I wish you joy and happiness this holiday season and throughout the year!

Footnote: Location of Family Sector, Relationship Sector and Helpful Friends Sector. Locating these sectors is based on how you enter your living space. To begin, picture yourself standing at the entry to your living space. Your “relationship” sector is located in the far right section of your home or apartment. In other words, the furthest point away from the entrance on in the back right corner. The “helpful friends sector is in just the opposite position, the right corner of your living space located closest to the entrance. The “family” sector is located along the left wall of your living space, in the middle of the space. In other words, not the back corner, not the front corner but the room in the middle of the left wall.

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Beata Kulitskaya is a certified Feng Shui consultant and owner of Double Happiness Studio. She has been demystifying Feng Shui for clients and showing them how Feng Shui can enhance their most important life goals for 15 years. Beata provides classes and individual consultations about Feng Shui for Financial Prosperity, Health and Wellness, Love and Relationships, Career and Businesses. To learn more about Feng Shui, Beata’s classes or home consultations, visit her web site at or email her at