When clients have contact with New York's family court system, it's usually one of the most challenging and stressful times of their lives. They might be working collaboratively with their co-parent in order to establish the best possible custody and parenting plan for their children. They may be fighting to keep the children away from a bad influence. On the other hand, they might be fighting for fair parenting time when the other parent won't give them reasonable access to their children. Even if children aren't involved in the case, divorcing couples have to fairly divide assets, and that can be a complicated and emotional matter.

Helping family law clients

Dave Mejias and his Long Island law team know how stressful these challenges can be. That's why they're here to guide clients to the best possible outcome in their case. They know how to harness the legal system in order to use it to the client's advantage. They can also help clients understand how the law applies to their case, so that they can make the best possible decisions.

Division of assets

In some cases, adultery might be a factor in a divorce. This can change the likely division of assets in the case. When adultery is an issue, Dave Mejias and his team help clients gather the evidence, so that they can show the court what's going on. They also help clients understand how the adultery changes the situation when it comes to deciding the division of assets or even how to decide child custody.

New York child support

Child Support is a key issue in many cases. Even though New York uses a child support formula, child support is often far from an open and shut case. A parent may need to build their case in order to prove the other parent's true income. This can come into play in cases of self employment or in cases where a parent works for cash under the table in order to avoid a child support obligation.

In other cases, a parent may need to ask the court to order something different than the child support formula calls for. This might be the case where a child has special needs or other special care expenses. It can also occur when the parents live far apart, and the parties need to transport the children for parenting time. Dave Mejias and his team help clients build their case and their arguments, so that they can have the strongest possible case to present to the court.

Guidance along the way

Having to go to New York family courts is always difficult. When clients work with Dave and his team, they help the client make the best possible choices at each stage in the case. They educate clients, so that they can understand why each step in the case is the best possible choice for their future. This gives clients the confidence to navigate New York's complex legal system and work to reach the best possible result under the law.

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