The issues touched on in the practice of family law are personal. Every day family law attorneys are present as clients struggle through devastating, life-changing events. These are the things people never see coming, and can never be prepared for when they do arrive. These moments take such an emotional toll, it can feel as if it's simply impossible to even begin facing the inevitable legal details that must be addressed. A good attorney guides clients over these daunting legal hurdles and understands the importance of doing so with patience and empathy.

David “Dave” Mejias works hard to provide all of his clients with compassionate personal representation. The early loss of his father taught Mejias that emotional support cannot be separated from effective legal representation. He strives to be fully present for clients as he guides them through what he knows can be a wrenching process.

Founder and managing partner of the Long Island law firm of Mejias, Milgrim and Alvarado, Dave Mejias has practiced law for over 18 years. The law firm he created reflects his values. It's inclusive, diverse, personal, and creative. His ultimate goal is to help clients create a secure foundation from which they can move forward with confidence and security.

A passionate advocate, he consistently obtains favorable child custody, spousal support, and asset distribution outcomes for clients in both contested and uncontested divorces. He strongly believes in a wholistic approach to divorce proceedings and seeks to develop practical solutions that work smoothly over the long term. If, however, these arrangements need to be renegotiated, he has the experience to do so and will work to obtain the best possible outcome for his client. He also counsels clients on the ramifications of New York state's "fault based" divorce laws.

Prenuptial agreements have the potential to cause a fair amount of conflict between spouses and family members. Having an experienced attorney advise both parties to these agreements creates a fairer and more balanced process. Mejias regularly drafts and reviews prenuptial agreements. Sometimes things go wrong even with a well-crafted agreement. He has extensive experience litigating changes to pre-and-postnuptial agreements.

He always stands ready to assist domestic violence victims in the difficult process of obtaining an order of protection against an abuser. He has a strong record of working with the community to prevent domestic violence. The Coalition against Domestic Violence honored Mejias for his work on behalf of the rights of victims of domestic violence. He grasps the dynamics involved in domestic partner abuse and can help those adversely impacted secure the protection they need.

Inclusiveness and diversity are important to all of the attorneys at Mejias, Milgrim and Alvarado. Unique questions often arise when gay and lesbian couples divorce or deal with child custody issues. He has experience with jurisdictionally complex divorce and child custody cases.

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The Long Island Law firm of Mejias Milgrim & Alvarado stands ready to meet all of your family law needs. David Mejias welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about the firm's unique approach.