I know that mind games can be irresistible at times. But if you want to get a man, you have to stop playing hard to get. It’s true that both men and women play these games, but each game has it’s consequences. If you’re not careful, you could loose the guy’s attention all together, or you can cause major communication barriers.

One of the games that women like to play is the “give me a compliment” game. If you’re a woman, you know what I mean. For example, if you’re wearing a new pair of earrings, and your guy doesn’t notice something ‘different’ about you, don’t get upset. Instead of badgering him about not noticing what’s different, you could simply ask him if he likes the new pair of earrings that you have on. If you truly want him to notice, and you really want his opinion; sometimes you have to ask for it.

Another game that women play often is the “silent treatment” game. Come on ladies, being silent doesn’t affect a man as much as you think. I realize that your mother may have told you that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. However, this is only true is you’re about 10 years old. Let’s just be honest, men can’t read your mind. If he’s done something wrong, address the situation. Explain why you’re upset, then come to a plausible compromise. Sitting around intentionally trying to be silent can take a lot of energy.

The most famous game of all is the “playing hard to get” game. I realize that many women will play hard to get if they feel that they’ve developed overwhelming feelings for a guy. However, since feelings come from within, you may as well let him in on what’s going on; that if you want to keep his attention. Many men have short attention spans. This doesn’t mean that their dumb, it simply means that in order to keep their attention, they have to be interested. If he’s asked you out ten times, and you turn him down every time for a silly reason; you can expect him to stop asking soon. If you want to date the guy, just give him a chance. If you want the date to be on your terms, simply decide the location and time of the date. If he really likes you, he will make sure his schedule is free.

Last but not least is the “phone” game. This game has many parts. You could be avoiding his call to make him wonder what you’re doing. You could be avoiding his call just to have control over when you talk. Or, you could be avoiding his call because you want to see how many times he’ll call back. Whatever the case; Stop! Men are already not phone people. They’d rather talk in person or even through a text. It’s natural for them to avoid lengthy phone conversations. Therefore, if you have a man that’s actually calling; answer the phone.

It’s simple ladies. Avoid playing games. Relationship games are hard to end once they start; and that’s not a good thing.



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