Are you reading dating tips for women in hopes to find a more comfortable way to mingle with singles? Are you finding that you need additional time to adjust to an environment for singles? If so, you’re not alone. Many single women are uncomfortable with the idea of unfamiliar people. To avoid anxiety, they usually keep dates simple at first by going to a movie. This leaves little time to talk, and if you must speak afterwards; you’ll probably talk about the movie.

This may sound strange, but the best way to get over your shyness is to take control. If you are shy about making conversation, you should break this barrier by asking your date about himself. This way, he will know that you are interested, but most importantly, this takes pressure off of you. Letting him do the talking will relieve stress making it easier to relax and be open enough to respond to questions that he may have for you.

In addition, most people like to talk about the things they like in their life; including you. Prior to going on your date, make a mental note of all the things you like, and rehearse talking about these things. While getting ready for your date or even on the way to the venue in your car, rehearse talking about yourself. Sometimes having a script to follow is a lot easier than improvising.

More importantly, when getting to know your date, don’t just ask question to get the attention off of yourself. If you’re not interested in a certain subject, don’t pretend. Men can sense when a women is not being genuine. Also, if you haven’t been paying attention, you wouldn’t want him to ask a question based on the things he’s revealed...and you weren’t listening to the details.

When you’re out and not on a date, be sure to practice. If you’re at a function and notice someone else hiding in the corners, go and approach them. Not only will this paint a visual of how you may look at times, you are also treating yourself with suitable therapy made for you, and by you. Remember that taking control is the best anecdote.
ladies. Avoid playing games. Relationship games are hard to end once they start; and that’s not a good thing.


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