First ladies, dating tips for women would be even more helpful if readers actually took the advice. Flirting is something that you must do when out on a date, or casually when you are around men that you’re attracted to. Most men are not use to women flirting with them, and would actually love the ideal of a woman participating in the ‘initial approach’. Surely, with just a couple of tips from me, you’ll be able to feel confident about flirting.

1. Look Great! Adjust your style so that you look sexy; yet unique. If you’re wearing the latest trend, try to spice it up a bit. Stay away from flat shoes unless you’re going to the gym. Wear heels that are stylish, but not something you’d see in a strip club. Be sure to choose accessories that are eye catching. If you wear make-up, use a little color on your lips but try not to turn your face into a coloring book.

2. Try to avoid being in groups with other women. If you are out with your friends, try to mingle if you can. Men are more likely to approach you if you’re alone. If you go to the restroom, go by yourself. Try to avoid huddles to the restroom with your gals.

3. Talk to him more than once. If you see a guy that you would like to flirt with, try walking by making sure to smile and say hello to everyone; including him. On your second time around, perhaps ask him for the time; or find a reason to say ‘excuse me’, if it is crowded. Each time you speak to your prospect, be sure to make eye contact. Make sure he knows that you’re talking to him.

4. Be nice. The nicer you are, the more he’ll want to talk to you. Be sure to compliment him on something that is blatantly obvious. For example, you could tell him that you like his tie and how it matches perfectly with his suit. If your drink needs refilling, ask him if you can get him one too.

Remember that flirting is a way of connecting from the heart and acknowledging someone. Be generous! Have Fun!


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