Don’t you just wish that you could carry a ‘Dating Tips For Women’ handbook in your purse when you go on that anticipated first date? Well, here is a little list of conversation topics and things to remember while on the first date:

Before you go:
Be sure to write down a few questions you can ask your date in case you run into a silent moments. On the way to the venue or date spot, try to memorize these questions to the best of your ability. If you need to refer to your list while on the date, simply take a restroom break to sneak a peak!

Possible Questions:

1. This is a nice restaurant. Do you come here often?

2. Thanks for asking me to join you. I don’t get to the chance to come out often. Do you?

3. So how long have you been in the area? Are you originally from here?

4. What do you do for a living?

5. What do you enjoy doing for fun?

6. Do you travel a lot? Have you been to any other countries?

7. Do you get to date often?

8. So far, do you feel that you are on track with your goals and aspirations?

9. What about your family, do you have any siblings?

10. Are you a sports fan? What is your favorite sport and/or team?

Don’t forget to give relevant compliments. Every guy likes to know the things you notice and like about him. When asking questions, be sure to pay attention to his body language. If he is loose with his posture, keep asking. However, if he crosses his legs, looks off, or folds his arms; this mean that he is uncomfortable. (change the subject) And last but not least, don’t forget to SMILE!


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